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Topics/Posts: 291/2049
Comments, Suggestions, and Questions
(Feedback and site usage questions )
Topics/Posts: 696/4759
Registration and Login
(If you have problems registering or logging in, post here)
Topics/Posts: 97/1428

Theology, Doctrine, and Dogma
(Exploring the details of Christianity)
Topics/Posts: 2002/70221
Christianity and Apologetics
(Argue for and against Christianity)
Topics/Posts: 10927/446868
Science and Religion
(Creationism, Evolution, and other science issues)
Topics/Posts: 1790/86963
(For the love of the pursuit of knowledge)
Topics/Posts: 991/30472
Politics and Religion
(Two hot topics for the price of one)
Topics/Posts: 1162/43752
Right and Wrong
(Ethics, Morality, and Sin)
Topics/Posts: 586/15770
Current Events
(Religious issues in current events)
Topics/Posts: 218/3557
Religion in Entertainment
(Religion in TV, Movies, Books, etc.)
Topics/Posts: 134/1376
Non-Christian Religions and Philosophies
(Argue for and against religions and philosophies which are not Christian)
Topics/Posts: 408/14393
Religion and Sexuality
(Debating issues regarding sexuality)
Topics/Posts: 77/10217

Specialized Debate
Book debates
(Debate specific books)
Topics/Posts: 36/1100
(One-on-one debates)
Topics/Posts: 59/1384

General Discussion
General Chat
(Chat viewable by general public)
Topics/Posts: 2263/24726
Questions for a Group
(Getting to know more about a particular group)
Topics/Posts: 145/2078
Questions About a Belief
(Getting to know more about a specific belief)
Topics/Posts: 129/2568
Putting Our Heads Together
(To solve world problems )
Topics/Posts: 35/514
Ethical Dilemmas
(What would you do if?)
Topics/Posts: 76/1500
The A Room
(Where agnostics and atheists can freely discuss)
Topics/Posts: 187/1831
Holy Huddle Room
(Where Christians can get together and discuss)
Topics/Posts: 306/2465
Definitions and Explanations
(Definition of terms and explanation of concepts)
Topics/Posts: 102/719
Random Ramblings
(Pointless Posts, Raves n Rants, Obscure Opinions)
Topics/Posts: 2718/23836

Custom Usergroup Discussion
The Outer Darkness
(For members of the "Former Christian" usergroup)
Topics/Posts: 23/219
(To discuss Jewish topics and issues)
Topics/Posts: 97/836
Original Photography
(A place to post all of your own original pictures! )
Topics/Posts: 12/122
Bible Study
(Dedicated to the scholarly study of the bible as text and the discussion thereof)
Topics/Posts: 99/1041
(To discuss Islam topics and issues)
Topics/Posts: 97/1439
(A place to discuss Catholic topics and issues)
Topics/Posts: 36/569
Science And Technology
(Discuss Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology, Biology, Chemistry, Archaeology, Geology, Math, Technology )
Topics/Posts: 46/352
(Discuss and debate music)
Topics/Posts: 35/176
Physical Fitness and Health
(Discuss physical fitness and healthy living / eating)
Topics/Posts: 13/55
The LGBTQIA Refuge
(Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual discussion)
Topics/Posts: 6/14
(Economics, political science, human geography, demography, sociology, psychology, and humanities)
Topics/Posts: 6/24
Historical Jesus
(Debate on Jesus from a Historical Level)
Topics/Posts: 21/97
Sacred Scripture
(The Bible: When, how, and who wrote it, what it means & why )
Topics/Posts: 6/6
Member Essays
(Essays by members that is beyond the scope of Random Ramblings)
Topics/Posts: 1/1

(Violators of the rules are listed here)
Topics/Posts: 208/325
(Member Praise Gift)
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