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No new posts The Greatest Creator
40 Evidences Proving The Existence Of The Greatest Creator,
No new posts I. The Origin of Humanity
the Awkwardness of Evolutionism
No new posts The Use of Space
Surmounting the Space,Compress and Expand the Space,Change t
No new posts 36-Dimensional Space
there are 36 dimensions in the spaces
No new posts Space
the space in the antiworld
No new posts Time
The Meaning of Time,The Time of Life,The Surmounting of Ti
No new posts Invitation of Lifechanyuan
Working for initiation of a new era.
No new posts Lifechanyuan
Bried introduction of Lifechanyuan.
No new posts II. Overview of the Universe
From Lifechanyuan Spiritual guide Xuefeng
No new posts Where Is Heaven?
Here is the answer and detail description.
No new posts Origin of the Universe
From Lifechuanyuan, written by Xuefeng, our spiritual guide
No new posts The Cosmos
Earth Origins
No new posts The Catholic Doctrine of Papal Infallibility is Unbiblical
Satan Refuses To Accept Any More Catholic Priests In Hell
No new posts The Kalam Cosmological Argument
P2 The Universe Began to Exist (Philosophical reasons)Part 1
No new posts Hell's Immigrants
The Number Of People Arriving In Hell Every Day
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No new posts Eve's Posterity
Christ's Biological Origin
No new posts The Good People List
How good people are vastly superior
No new posts Gog & Magog - Jabalqa & Jabarsa
Where are these places!!! Which aren't seen yet!!!
No new posts Revelation Chapter 12
Mohammed and Islam in the Book of Revelation
No new posts Defences for God - The Religious Everywhere WIN THROUGH
The Defences for God push Atheism out from the universities
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No new posts Good vs. Evil
Man's perspective vs. God's perspective
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No new posts Finding evidence through experiment/experience
Looking into the science of Astral Projection
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No new posts Honoring this Incarnation
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Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:02 pm
Divine Insight
No new posts The Tree of Life and the Seed of Abraham
The Parables of Destiny
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No new posts The Nature of Christ's Resurrection
His same body, an improved body, or what?
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No new posts Free Will and The Good Shepherd
Wrangling The Herd
No new posts What's New In The New Covenant?
Covenanted Upgrades
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No new posts Freedom Ramblings
My thoughts on the theme of freedom
No new posts Ignorant from the start
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No new posts Turning Towards Christianity
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No new posts Be Found Naked
Afterlife Apparel
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Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:45 am
No new posts The Joys of Being a Christian
There is greater joy in being a Christian than not
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No new posts The foundations of Truth
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No new posts Toward a Different Point of View
Shifting eight fundamental Christian positions
No new posts My beloved God
He is working
No new posts Crucifixion Day
The Chronology of Easter Week
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