Some spam I recieved today...

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Some spam I recieved today...

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I wanted to post this for y'all's amusement before I deleted it from my inbox; I'll remove it from the forum if the mods flag it as spam -- I'm in no way supporting its content though: wrote: Yes, you read it right! God truly answers all prayers. And now, He has created special volunteers in to carry your precious prayers to any of His temples, Mosques, Gurudwara or churches. I2god is dedicated to your faith in God. It does not belong to a particular religion, caste or group. We understand what a prayer means to you and hence, whether it is a 14 year old praying to clear his exams or a businessman praying for the prosperity of his business, we serve it with the same seriousness.

Prayers are truly magical and we feel greatly thrilled in bringing this magic in each one’s life. The service is free to all and will always be.

God will certainly answer your prayer, Have Faith!

You can submit your prayer request to over 150 holy places! To request a prayer now, Click here.

To know how it works, Click here.

You can also request a prayer with your mobile. To request a prayer, please update your mobile no. in your profile.

To send a prayer request, SMS: I2G P <holy place code> <prayer> & send to 9212356070 (Normal SMS charges apply)

To find holy place codes, click here.

Divine Regards,

Support team,, Have Faith !

I think my favorite part is the valediction.


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