A Thank You to Atheist Activists

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A Thank You to Atheist Activists

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Post by Divine Insight »

Hello Heathens, (ha ha)

For the past year or so I have been watching many active atheists on youtube. Including the highly popular ones like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, etc. But I have also been watching many atheist youtubers. I especially enjoy Jaclyn Glenn's videos. But also many others. And the series called "The Thinking Atheist".

I just felt like saying "Thank You" to all the atheists out there who actively "spread the word" of rational thought and reason. We truly do need an atheistic "movement" in this world. An organized rebellion and official debate group to challenge both Christianity and Islam, especially.

As many of you on this forum may know I personally support Eastern Mystical views as being "rational", at least in terms of being entertained as "plausibility". I do not support any spiritual philosophy being preached or solicited as though it holds any known truth, or as claimed to be any sort of dogma supported by evidence. But still I do support the "rational" consideration of a plausible mystical essence to reality.

None the less, as most of you also know, I totally reject the Abrahamic religions as clearly being false and without merit. They make extreme claims of knowledge which are clearly false. And those religions need to be eradicated for the good of humanity. Eradicated by education and reason, not by law or taboo.

But that's what I want to thank the activist atheists for. They do expose the absolute absurdities of these Abrahamic religions. And they do a very good job of it. I am so glad to see this happening in my lifetime, and I'm quite sure that it will have a profound and positive effect on humanity as we move into future generations.

So with that, I just want to say a big "THANK YOU" for your activism in spreading the reason and rationale of Atheism. And a special thanks for exposing the ignorance and immoralities of the Abrahamic Religions.

Atheist Activism is very important for the betterment of humanity. Your activism is important, and highly appreciated. Keep up the good work!
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Post by Zzyzx »

It isn't only "Atheist Activists" that have effect. Those who present alternatives and challenges to religious dogma also do a "public service" by exposing shortcomings in various forms of Theism.

Education, literacy, and the expansion / dissemination of knowledge are adequate to displace god worship over time. As old "fervent believers" lose influence and/or die out, reasoning and evidence replace "faith" and "gods" as answers to questions.

ANY of the thousands of "gods" proposed, imagined, worshiped, loved, feared, and/or fought over by humans MAY exist -- awaiting verifiable evidence

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