French Revolution

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French Revolution

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Post by Wootah »

Was the French revolution good or bad?
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Re: French Revolution

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Post by 2ndRateMind »

[Replying to post 1 by Wootah]

As Zhou Enlai put it: 'Maybe it's too soon to say'.

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Re: French Revolution

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Post by Boreand »

France passed through so many revolutions and each had had a substantial impact on the country's development and culture too. Personally, I believe that revolutions unified people. It raised the awareness of the French nation as a nation, a culture. I traveled to France three years ago and I was impressed with everything I saw. I struggled a little bit with their language because you will find few people speaking English. At least, I was able to learn a few vandertramp verbs, so I was able to order a croissant.

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