If you accept microevolution

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If you accept microevolution

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Post by jamesmorlock »

Simply because they are identical.

Consider an analogy:

Imagine that you can travel across the universe by walking. You have an infinite amount of time to do this, but you must make your journey by taking small steps. You have no destination, but you can go anywhere and you must never stop walking.

A thousand years pass. Where are you now? Further.
A million years pass. Where are you now? Even Further.
A billion years pass. Where are you now? Far, far away.

For every iteration of time, you will have traveled further and further. It is inevitable, for every small step takes you further. It is not possible to not travel far.

Microevolution is the small step. Macroevolution is the collective of small steps over a large period of time.

When walking for billions of years, how can you not be far away from your starting point?
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Re: If you accept microevolution

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Post by EarthScienceguy »

[Replying to Difflugia in post #371]

From the article you cited:
"Phyletic gradualism was a priori assertion from the start-it was never "seen" in the rock; it expressed the cultural and political biases of the 19th-century liberalism. Huxley advised Darwin to eschew it as an "unnecessary difficulty." We think that it has now become an empirical fallacy."
Phyletic gradualism is not "seen" in the rocks. Stasis is seen in the rocks, organisms not changing and then the suddenly changing not gradually changing is the evolutionary story. And as stated above Gould and Eldredge proposed 5000 to 50000 for specialization to occur.

So are these great leaps of evolution or are these the different created kinds that God created in which man has desperately tried to link together to get rid of a God that holds men accountable for their actions? It all depends on what you want to believe. Because the rocks are silent on this issue.

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Post by dad1 »

[Replying to McCulloch in post #2]

There is nothing identical about a faith based evolution over time with actual adapting and evolving in the real world actually.

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