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Post by CalvinsBulldog »

Dear Moderators,

Could I please have my account deleted and my username obliterated too?

I do not think this forum brings out the best in my character, and rapidly is consuming my time.

It does not seem to be a very healthy occupation for me to be here since I find myself getting angry, aggressive, and compulsively posting. I am normally quite a mild person. I don't want to turn into an obsessive crusader driven by some egotistical spirit.

Thanks for your tolerance\patience otherwise.


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Post by otseng »

Account deleted. There's no way to also delete the username.

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Re: Delete Account

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Post by Swami »

[Replying to post 1 by CalvinsBulldog]

Already, you are wanting to retire? What you are describing is what happens when people come here expecting to convince someone through a "debate". Despite being bullied here on multiple occasions, and having multiple skeptics create distractions on my discussions, I still feel at peace.

When your reason to debate is "just to debate" then ego comes in. You get angry, you get competitive, etc. The skeptics would lead you to think that "endless" debate, endless presenting of evidence, endless answering of their questions will get you somewhere. It does not. If a skeptic is not convinced after 2 or 3 responses, then I move on. In some cases, I come up with something practical they can do to see the truth of what I'm saying.

Please do research on how Jesus and Gautama Buddha handled the skeptics. This will also help.

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Post by Overcomer »

I'm sorry I missed this person. I have only read a couple of his posts, but I would like to have read more.

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