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Racism guidelines

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Post by Difflugia »

Is there a guideline (or better, "bright line") about what comments would be considered by moderators to be racist or antisemitic enough to be against the rules? I'm OK with "report it and we'll make a ruling," but I'm asking for at least an official policy statement, even if it's rough or vague.
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Re: Racism guidelines

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Post by otseng »

There are no current guidelines, but open to suggestions.

Also, I assume you are referring to this:

I personally think this should be handled by debate, rather than through a moderator censure.

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Re: Racism guidelines

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Post by AgnosticBoy »

I've dealt with similar issues. Even if there were guidelines, I highly doubt that it would be something that everyone would agree with. People tend to have different levels of sensibilities and it could get complicated trying to delineate between harsh language and hateful language. I only act when it's obvious (racial or homophobic slurs, etc.). If it's not obvious or certain (my agnostic side kicking in :) ), then I wouldn't act on it. If not that, then you may as well ban all opinions and rhetoric because that's what it will eventually get to, in effect, after you cover everything that people could be offended by.

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