Howdy y'all

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Howdy y'all

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I was once here signed in as joeyknothead, but they sent me upstate for a spell, and I done forgot me my password, which was linked to an old email account, and now here it is, I can't use my joeyknothead account, because I can't remember me my password.

I'd like to have my joeyknothead account back, but here I sit. I don't want folks thinking I'm someone I ain't, even if joeyknothead ain't my real name. My real name is John, but I got to being called Joe about who helped teach me to walk, though I'm shamed to say I don't remeber none of that. Seems like we lived down in Jacksonville at that time, and since we moved on and he didn't move with us, well how about that. Then the 'y' got added somewhere in there, but like my password, I can't it remember.

An ex old lady gave me the knothead part, cause she'd done been to college and everything, and knew what sized clothes I wear, such that I didn't have try em on, but could just hop right on in. How do girl's do such advanced math? I can do pythagoreus' theorem, but that ain't nothing to just looking at someone and knowing what size underwear they need. And then one day I went to fix breakfast, but come to find out out I can't no more fix breakfast than she can crank a lawnmower. But I love her all the same, it's just I'm kinda difficult to live with, cause living with me is kinda difficult. Heck, my last old lady quit me the day after they sent me up state. That's okay though, one of my grandgirls there, her eyes near pop out her head when I walk in the room. Her older sister is likely apt to just shoot me, but enough about that.

Is there some way I can convince y'all I'm who I say I am / was, such that I can go back to using that name?

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Re: Howdy y'all

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