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Post by johnmarc »

Hi Oliver,

For a while there, I supposed that you folks had found a creative way of getting rid of me. After thinking on it a bit, it was so out of character for the forum that it must have been something else.

At any rate, my best memory on the loss of posts and tokens is about 330 posts (total) and about 7300 tokens.(total) I realise this ratio is well out of the norm, but I have been out of the norm as well. In addition to the 2000 tokens from a contribution, I have received numerous (and sometimes large) donations as well.

You do what you think is best.


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Post by otseng »

Yes, you were one of the people that got lost in the database crash. I had to restore you from an old backup. Sorry if there's any posts that has been lost, there's nothing I can do about that. As for tokens, I've given you 7300 tokens.

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