Are religions harmful or helpful?

Ethics, Morality, and Sin

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Are religions helpful or harmful?

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Re: Are religions harmful or helpful?

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I treat religions as "languages" for the laws, which can be used for good or abused for harm.

These can be spiritual laws, or natural laws, but the point is to describe relations
between individual and collective levels. Laws can apply to collective truth,
collective society, or collective spirituality. Or the connection between individual
will/responsibility and the environment, humanity, society or the world/universe around us.

The religious systems themselves are more like "tools" that can be used for good.
Or weapons if abused to force or oppress others for power.

Like any other tool in the toolbox, the hammer or saw,
these can be used to build or to injure, threaten or destroy.

The key is how they are used, the SPIRIT of the laws.
If we live by Retributive Justice, by judging punishing and rejecting others,
that tends to promote ill will and negative energy harming or killing relationships.

If we live by Restorative Justice, by forgiving and correcting problems
in order to maintain good faith relations for justice and peace, law and order
in society, that promote good will and positive growth in relations and society.

Thus, the meaning of religious concepts such as "Christ Jesus" representing universal authority
of law for all humanity refers to "Restorative Justice" or "Equal Justice for All"
in order to bring lasting peace by establishing universal truth,
or the "Kingdom of God" on earth to heal and unite humanity in harmony.

All tribal religions can be used for good purpose to "teach the laws"
both spiritual or natural, where Jesus or "universal justice" governs all such authorities.

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