Are you a vegan? If not, why not?

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If you are not a vegan, please state why you are not a vegan. Thank you.

1. I love the taste of meat, dairy, honey, etc.
2. I love to use leather, silk, wool, etc.
3. I am too lazy.
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4. I don't care about the suffering and death of the sentient organisms whose products e.g. meat, milk, honey, silk, wool, leather, etc. I consume.
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5. I don't care about the environment as veganism is better for the environment.
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6. I don't care about my long-term health as veganism is better for my long-term health.
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7. I don't want to save money on food as vegan food is cheaper.
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8. I am ignorant and can't be bothered to do the research.
9. I am selfish.
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10. I have poor self-control and give in to temptations.
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11. All of the above.
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Are you a vegan? If not, why not?

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Post by Compassionist »

I was raised to be an omnivore. I first became a vegan on 1 August 2006 but I was unable to sustain it due to my ignorance. However, I became a vegan again in 2010 and again failed. Then I tried again from 4 January 2018. Apart from rare exceptions when I gave in to eating milk chocolate or dairy ice-cream or egg products, I have been managing to be a vegan. Are you a vegan? If not, why not? I really want to understand your position. Since there are Christians on this forum, please note: "Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." - Genesis 1:29, The Bible (New International Version). Thank you.

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Re: Are you a vegan? If not, why not?

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Post by RightReason »

[Replying to Compassionist]

I am not a vegan, but your reasons for not being vegan seem to be a bit biased.

I am not a vegan because I do not believe man is expected to be vegan. As a Christian, Scripture is clear that God gave man dominion over even the animals of the earth. Scripture also is full of beautiful stories like the Prodigal son where the father prepares the fatted calf to celebrate his son's return.

Of course, I am against the cruel treatment of animals. And we are called to be good stewards of the earth, but that does not mean that man should never eat animals. It simply does not say that. It's kind of like when the Puritans outlawed alcohol and said God fearing people should never indulge in drink, but that is kind of silly considering Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine.

The truth is there is a time and place for enjoying meat and or alcoholic beverages. Of course, we can't be gluttonous or set out to get drunk, but nothing wrong with enjoying God's beautiful gifts to us.

Be vegan if you want. Americans probably eat way too much meat. As a Catholic, we never eat meat on Fridays just as a general penance offering. It can be a beautiful sacrifice to give up something one loves. But in y opinion it would be wrong to think being vegan is somehow more righteous or moral than eating meat. I disagree with that. All things can be abused, but there is nothing inherently wrong with eating meat.

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Post by JJ50 »

I like eating animal products and will continue to do so. In my opinion, animals of others species are there for human use, eating, clothing and medical experimentation. When they are slaughtered it should be done as quickly as possible to save them from too much discomfort.
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Im a hypocrite...

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Post by »

Everytime I see one of those secret videos taken from inside one of those factory farm death camps it makes me sick.
I understand too that eating meat is wasteful from a land, resource, energy perspective.
I don't think animals should suffer or be tortured to end up on my plate.
I like fruits and vegetables.
I generally don't go out of my way to squish bugs or other ickys. (Spiders I do not have that agreement with)

I was even a vegan for over a year once.

But its really a pain in the ass to follow that path. Endless reading of ingredients, the constant let down when the last ingredient turns out to be a food coloring that is made with crushed up beetles or some other deal breaker that torpedoes your hopes.
Not to mention perfect adherence is impossible. The usda allows for a certain amount of spiders and bug parts in your rice, corn and the like.
Every step you take something suffers , its unavoidable.
Oh and unless you live in an enlightened area you can kiss going out to eat good by. Especially in the area of Texas where i live in. Vegan is thought to be a sexually transmitted disease here.

Plus you constantly have to explain to other meat eaters why you are crazy.

Honestly, I had worked for these buisness owners for awhile when one day they offered to buy lunch. I dumbed it down for them and said sure, but im a vegitarian so get me a salad or something. Instantly a wierd silence descended on the group, rhen finally the owner said with great concern, "Vegitarian? My God what do you eat then?"
I did my best to soothe his fears, but to no avail, he brought me back a sandwich with meat in it anyway.

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Post by Donray » ... tody-2160/ ... nutrition/ ... /22099336/

Why didn't the OP put for a reason that it kills babies?

What about we are born to eat meat?

What about vegans are idiots?

Vegans are a small small percent and they try like hell to convince others that they are right.

Just look at the questions that the OP had as reason not to be a Vegan. They think because they have a crazy lifestyle everyone should.

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Re: Are you a vegan? If not, why not?

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Post by singingdove05 »

[Replying to post 3 by Compassionist]

so what are the contradictions in the bible den? scuse the writing dats just how I write!! facebook jargon.

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Re: Are you a vegan? If not, why not?

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Post by Menotu »

[Replying to post 1 by Compassionist]

I'm not a fan of the taste of meat. I grew up midwest USA which means meat for every meal.
I'm also very picky with food and have some food allergies. This limits the products I can eat (meat or otherwise).
Additionally, I've never been mentally able to stop/start something instantly - I have to work up to it.
That, and I don't want to be vegan. I believe animal products can be harvest humanly and enjoyed moderately.

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Post by Bust Nak »

Bust Nak wrote: Are you aware of beyond meat/impossible burger? Very much looking forward to meat minus the suffering. This has real potential.
I've recently sampled some plant based burgers, ones designed to imitate beef, as opposed to the "seasoned sweet potato and aubergine in a bun" vegetarian option. I am happy to report that they have passed the taste and texture test. While I can still tell that it's not beef, it's really getting there. I am ready to make the switch to these plant based option where available.

Meat lovers, give them a try. Support these innovative products and help them get ever closer to real beef.

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Post by Gracchus »

Do you realize that those horrible vegans either eat their victims alive or burn them to death?


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Why I am not Vegan

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Post by Purple Knight »

My reason isn't on the list.

Because I do not believe that killing is always wrong.

I don't yet have a good argument that a mountain lion is permitted to eat a deer but I am not. Frankly I don't consider myself better than the mountain lion. We each simply get what we get. If he can make a kill, then he gains a meal, and if I can capture, tend, breed and farm (really this is how it ought to be done) then I gain many meals. If someone gives me meals in exchange for money I have fairly earned, it's less than ideal but I still see nothing in this that the mountain lion is not allowed to do.

I only wish we lived in a less cutthroat efficiency-driven business world so it wouldn't be absolutely necessary to abuse animals so horribly when farming them for food. Yes, I have seen the documentary Earthlings, and I believe it was very informative.

Opinion: In our world, the business simply cannot spare a penny to make an animal more comfortable or happy, because someone else will forgo that penny and offer the consumer a product that costs a penny less, thus winning the day on the free market. His business will flourish and his competitor will languish, and all regulation does is send people mixed messages while advantaging those who cozy up to officials and gain exception, or manage to skirt or cheat the rules. It also builds a culture of falsehoods and lies, since you can't know whether that "cruelty free" label was bought and paid for, or whether some magnanimous official simply decided that it passed muster.

I tried to be vegetarian for a while and it certainly didn't impact my health positively. I was deficient in B-complex vitamins despite supplementing. ... rs-health/

I don't think (opinion) vegan diets are always the healthier choice and to me (opinion) it's not a good idea to completely ignore what your body is telling you; if you make a change and start to feel cruddy, perhaps (opinion) you should reverse that change. I lasted almost three years, and I still had people telling me that I was feeling that way because I had yet to fully adjust to the diet, even though I was getting worse, not better.

That's aside from the opinion that a plant-based diet doesn't even cause less death than a diet of grass-fed beef. Some people believe (opinion) that more mice die under the plough for your salad than cows died for my hamburger. ... sm/4660498
Take the example of what happens when you grow grains or pulses. In all the towns around Australia that are wheat producing towns or centres, on average about every five years they have a mouse plague. And these mice get killed in the millions and millions, mass slaughtered in horrible ways that cause their deaths to be really unpleasant. And that is going into producing grains. Some of those grains are fed to cattle, but they are also the core of the diets for a lot of people who don't want to eat any meat.
There are opinions that being vegan doesn't even reduce animal death, and I can't even find a good argument that killing animals is wrong in the first place. I know how that sounds, but the alternative (to me, just my opinion) sounds just as bad: It's alright for animals to die so that I may eat, as long as I do not eat their corpses.

To me (opinion) the idea that you can kill them as long as you don't eat them sounds lawyeristic (in other words, losing all sight of what you're doing/causing and instead focusing on what technically counts as what, or focusing on absolution for the act itself).

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Post by Compassionist »

Gracchus wrote: Do you realize that those horrible vegans either eat their victims alive or burn them to death?

Plants are not sentient. Although I would prefer to be able to photosynthesise like plants so that I don't have to eat anything. I would love to genetically engineer myself to be an autotroph but don't have the technology yet.

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