Shoplifting Dilemma: What Would You Do? NOTE THE CHANGE IN QUESTIONS

Ethics, Morality, and Sin

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Shoplifting Dilemma: What Would You Do? NOTE THE CHANGE IN QUESTIONS

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There's a real-life program, "shop" (or words to that effect), on the internet showing candid videos of prevention loss officers in a retail store interrogating shoplifters in a back room.

Almost all the segments involve a young female shoplifter. The premise of the operation is that after the officer has brought the shoplifter in for a short Q&A he will call the police and have them arrested unless the shoplifter does as he asks. What he asks is that they submit to a strip search in front of him. Almost always there's a lot of protest and argument, which is quickly cut short when he reminds them that if they don't want to cooperate he'll simply call the police. Almost immediately they quickly submit and undress, during which a shoplifted article is frequently found. After they're standing there completely naked he'll then ask for oral sex, which is followed by intercourse in various positions. Be warned that although the prevention loss officer is an actual employee of the store and the females are real shoplifters, these are true porn videos.

So that's the premise and how almost all the segments play out. However, occasionally there's a little spin to the interrogation. The following is one of these.

A middle age woman is brought in for shoplifting and, as usual, the officer tells her he'll has to call the police and have her arrested. Just then her 20+ year-old daughter, who was shopping with her, walks in and takes a seat next to her mother. She's not suspected of any shoplifting. The officer then turns to the daughter and tells her what he's found out about mom, and that mom is going to end up in jail with an arrest record. He then says there is one way she won't be sent to jail, and asks the daughter to step outside for a second. The officer and the shoplifting mother talk things over and come to an understanding.

The daughter is invited back into the room where her mother tells her that she won't be arrested if she, the daughter, agrees to have sex with the officer. Of course the daughter is dumbfounded by the whole turn of events and starts mulling it over.

I won't tell you how it turns out, but . . .

1) Is it morally proper to ask one's child (22+ years-old) to have sex with a stranger to save a parent from going to jail?

2) As such a child would it be it morally proper to agree to such an arrangement?


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