Battlestar Galactica TV 2004 their polytheistic faith?

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Battlestar Galactica TV 2004 their polytheistic faith?

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Post by ndf8th »

I found an old thread
Mitt Romney and the Cylons
Science fiction or LDS prophecy? ... hp?t=19807
I have not read in it. I don't want to debate Romney at all
but want to discuss SciFi religions and especially
the one in Battlestar Galactica TV series from 2004 ... _series%29

Living in Europe we saw it one year later.
and I liked it and tried to see every episode.

I found the religions interesting. They had three if I remember.
The humans had a Poly-theistic faith while the Cylons had
a Monotheistic faith? and the Sect leader Gaius Baltar seemed
to have his own variation of these. I am unsure of that one.

The surprising twist of the plot for the TV series where that the Humans
where Poly-theistic. That is not a a common faith in Western societies.

India have such poly faith but all of the West is Monotheistic AFAIK.

So what did the writers want to tell us with that twist?

Could it be some odd prediction that in the future all humans will be polytheistic?
Is that something we can share thoughts on?

I find it very surprising and have not decided what to think about it?

Suppose there would start such a sect now that is polytheistic how long
would it take for them to get the majority of humans supporting their faith?

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Post by ndf8th »

It is just fiction on TV and entertainment
but it has some similarity to the Mormons ideas.

I hope that does not makes my question make you unwilling to respond.

Maybe I am just very gullible and easy to persuade.
I found it interesting even if totally made up.

Think some 10.000 years in future.
We can not know now what kind of God or religion they have.

Suppose I take on faith now that some religious tradition
will emerge in future that see God as fully natural within our body/brain.

I find such ideas interesting. Don't you?

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Re: Battlestar Galactica TV 2004 their polytheistic faith?

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Post by connermt »

[Replying to post 1 by ndf8th]

First and foremost, BSG was one of the greatest series in the past 20 years easily! Everything from the effects, to the acting to the story was flippin' outstanding.
Now then:
I'm not sure the writers wanted to tell us anything specifically other than an interesting story with some social reflection and commentary. Though it is interesting in how they played out the religious views of each group - I found the 'twelve' even more telling.
In regards to polytheism...I'm not sure that's something that will become any more/less dominant outside the growth/shrinkage of each group of people who currently subscrive to it. In other words, I don't see 50% of believers of a single god religion changing to a multiple god religion anytime soon in respectable numbers
If a polytheistic religion were to become the majority, there would need to be a means to eliminate a single god religion all the while ramping up the numbers of the poly-god group naturally.
Religion seems to be geographically and culturally based instead of being based on common sense and logic.

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Post by RobertUrbanek »

Accepting a trinity is already one step toward accepting polytheism.
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