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Zeitgeist: The Movie

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Alright so i already know that it is probably an old topic but i just finished watching it completely thru all three parts. Part one about christianity, the second about the WTC and the third about the banking/financial system.
I would like to know others take on whatever parts most stuck out to you. That is if you have watched this movie.

For me it was the first part about religions. I by no means have looked over every bit of information they give. One thing i did do a little digging into was the jesus/horus comparison. I found it to be very deceitful, at best, to attempt to compare the two. For example, the birthday. Nowhere in the bible does it claim that jesus was born on the 25th of december. The virgin birth. Horus was supposedly conceived when his mother assembled all the pieces of his father and he was brought back to life, they had sex, she got pregnant, and if i remember correctly he dies again. An assembled zombie is a bit different then a holy spirit coming to mary, so no real comparison there. Baptism at age 30. there isn't even an account of any type of baptism of horus. Turns out that many of the majority of the claims there isn't no such account for horus in the actual egyptian writings.

The second part about the WTC I would have to do a lot of research into. I have heard of reports in the past that has shown parts of what this movie is trying to say to be false. Because of the deceitfulness of the first part of this movie i am only lead to believe that part 2 is the same.

I did find something very comical in the last part. Let me explain. In the first part they take all the time to try and say that the bible is nothing but a fable written to control the masses. They basically say that the bible is copied from other sources and that "jesus probably in fact never existed", but then in the third part there is a part that is talking about a chip that "they" ( the bazillionaires)want to have everyone have. Well the really funny part is that this guy is talking about how he is talking to one of these bazillionaires and he basically quotes Revelation 13:16-17 when he says what they want the purpose of the chip to be.

So they take the whole first part of the movie to say that the bible is nothing but a fable and wind up saying that the worlds richest is going to try and use a chip to control what people buy and sell and if they don't tow the system line they will just "turn um off" Did the editor not see the irony?

But anyway, those was a couple of my thoughts on the movie, what was yours?

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10CC wrote:
I do hope you check under your bed every night for the boogyman, cos he's there you know? Your skydaddy says so in chapter thingo.
See, that's the nice thing about knowing our Creator God, .. no boogyman under the bed, .. they wouldn't dare.
10CC wrote:Oh BTW did you notice that you weren't discussing the movie when I replied?

That's right you were discussing the same sky daddy I ridiculed. Oh well.
Sky-daddy? Again, .. which one? There are just so many out there?
10CC wrote:BTW your defense of that skydaddy may not get you a passage to automatonic heaven as you so desperately hope.
Now why would I defend some magical sky-daddy? Remember I am not into those religion-invented sky-daddy's the movie Zeitgeist talks about. That was my whole reason responding to this post, to clear things up.
There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil
to one who is striking at the root.

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