Evidence of Orson Scott Card's homophobia in Ender's Game?

Religion in TV, Movies, Books, etc.

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Well, this forum's sensitivity to profanity aside, I'm eagerly awaiting your counter-argument, Me's. Should be priceless.

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Jake wrote: Oh, right! I forgot about how the LGBT community used to burn Christians alive. I forgot about how the LGBT community once classified Christianity as a treatable mental illness. I forgot about how the LGBT community bullies Christian kids until they commit suicide. About how the gays still execute Christians in some parts of the world. About how they passed laws preventing Christians from marrying. About how they organize camps to convert Christians to homosexuals through mental abuse. I forgot about how it's common for gay parents to disown their children when they come out as Christian. I forgot about all of that intolerance and bigotry directed at Christians by homosexuals.

You poor Christians, you sure get the shit end of the stick compared to that powerful community of homosexuals!
I didn't give you a response because of your attempt to divert the conversation.

Your comment quoted here is as useful as mine:

"Pagans used to burn and crucify Christians, therefore I hate all pagans."

Anyone with more than 10 functioning brain cells knows that your trying to make me guilty of something someone else did is nothing more than blanket guilt, a necessary ingredient in any prejudice.

In doing so, you failed to answer why the LGBT community is so bigoted against Christians and seeks retribution against us any time we express our beliefs. You only have the morals you practice, not the ones you claim. You either have a direct response to this, or you'll seek diversion again.

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Well, I got no dog in this fight. I saw no evidence of either homophobia or homosexuality in either the movie or the book. For that matter, I did not detect either in any of Card's books, and I think I have read most of them.


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There is a scene in one of the 'Ships of Earth' books in which a gay man decides to marry and sleep with a woman, for the sake of the future of his people (there are very few of them, and they need to reproduce). Card puts the issue in a context in which the survival of the society supersedes the happiness of individuals.

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