The Bible TV series

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The Bible TV series

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Has anyone here watched this?

I have and I must say I am completely appauled at just how violent and gruesome it is. But I guess if you're going to do a TV series based on the stories of the bible, then that's the way it's gonna be.

This TV series would never have made it onto TV 10-20 years ago as it would have been too violent. Even now it should have an R18 rating. It is scene after scene of brutal violence. People getting beheaded, having their throats slit... scene after scene of bloody slaughter. Even a guy getting his eyes gouged out.

Do you see this TV series as an accurate portrayal of the bible?
Would you allow your young children to watch this TV series?
Would you want your young children reading the book afterwards?
What did it make you think of the bible after watching it?

Society and its morals evolve and will continue to evolve. The bible however remains the same and just requires more and more apologetics and claims of "metaphors" and "symbolism" to justify it.

Prayer is like rubbing an old bottle and hoping that a genie will pop out and grant you three wishes.

There is much about this world that is mind boggling and impressive, but I see no need whatsoever to put it down to magical super powered beings.

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