Narnia vs. The Golden Compass

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Narnia vs. The Golden Compass

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Narnia constitutes the books and movies of a fantasy world supporting Christianity in a positive light. The Golden Compass is a movie also based off of books that paint Christianity (namely the Church and Catholicism) in a negative light.

Some Christian leaders called for a boycott of the Golden Compass because it would ultimately lead children to read the source books that denigrate Christianity and promote atheism.

Question: Do you object to either of these movies being shown? Is it acceptable to show movies with themes that promote religion, and likewise is it acceptable to show movies which paint religion in a negative light?

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I would rather we see movies that show an unbiased side to religion.

It seems that often you have one party who wants to portray other groups in a bad light, but then on the other hand you have one party who wants to show themselves in a positive light while trying to sweep the bad under the carpet.

An example we've had in New Zealand recently is a cult by the name of Gloriavale. It's kind of like the Amish. Their leader has once imprisoned for child molestation, but in the last year or two we've had documentaries, endorsed by Gloriavale themselves trying to show themselves and their leader in a positive light, while sweeping all the bad under the carpet. In fact they insist that their leader wasn't imprisoned for child molestation but it was because he was preaching the gospel. (rolls eyes). As if!

When I consider the Golden Compass it may indeed be an unfair attack on the Catholic church. However the more sceptical side questions whether it is really unfair and wonders if perhaps the Catholic church made a fuss just because it doesn't want its dirty secrets exposed because it makes them look bad. (shrugs).

Society and its morals evolve and will continue to evolve. The bible however remains the same and just requires more and more apologetics and claims of "metaphors" and "symbolism" to justify it.

Prayer is like rubbing an old bottle and hoping that a genie will pop out and grant you three wishes.

There is much about this world that is mind boggling and impressive, but I see no need whatsoever to put it down to magical super powered beings.

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I always liked the Narnia story.

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