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※☆ Religious Movies ※☆

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Hi dear friends..

As fool people love indian movies,
We religious people love Religious Movies too..

I personally have watched many movies:
  • * Prophet Abraham,
    * Prophet Moses,
    * Prophet David,
    * Prophet Solomon,
    * Prophet Jesus,
    * Prophet Muhammad,
    * Imam Ali,
    * Imam Redha,....
    [Peace be upon them all]
Also several movies that are like religious', grow humanity, morality, spirituality... such as:
  • * As far as my feet will carry me,(about world war),
    * The water margin(mountain warriors),
    * Good bad ugly
    * etc
I suggest you watch these..
And i personally know/give Avail/Value of each one of the seconds of these movies much more than a whole indian movie

Means everyone who i meet new, i introduce and take the world war movie(as far as...)
Then i sit down along them and watch that repeatedly and every 10minutes I say: "May God Forgive these Artists/Directors/etc.. and 7 level of their forefathers and pray for them purely"
As when i see one is watching indian film i course him and whole bollywood haha

I 'm interested in watching those series of movies about The End Time(Apocalypse)

Introduce them to us everyone who knows..

I assume your beliefs are the better! Well, be soldier of God and convert me. By your own reasonings also tell me my wrong beliefs and why..>> :study:

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