What is the greatest crime against God ?

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What is the greatest crime against God ?

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When we destroy forest or pollute the environment, we go against nature and disturb the balance in nature. This leads to natural disasters. In our personal life we go against nature when we use birth control methods, have same sex sexual activity or try to change our of appearance to that of the opposite sex. The worst unnatural activity is to kill our babies in the womb. This kills 60 million babies each year. Since, every human life is more precious than all the riches in and the world; abortion is causing the greatest destruction of nature in human history. Furthermore, though other forms of environmental destruction affects lives, there never is an attempt to kill human beings. On the other hand abortion directly aims to kill human beings. Furthermore, it is initiated by the mother; which is most unnatural act. Therefore, If we are supports abortion, our fight against other environmental insults is hypocritical.

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Re: What is the greatest crime against God ?

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I think the greatest crime against God is to turn away from God, given Satanism and all that. Turning away from God is to do all sorts of wrongdoing against God's words, God's creation and so on.

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