Can we say anything about the beginning?

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Can we say anything about the beginning?

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According to the bible:
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
How can this be the beginning?

What I am looking for is something like this:

In the beginning God was slepping and then (for some reason) God woke up and created a spirituel world.

This seems more like a beginning to me.

Maybe it is not so difficult to understand that before we can talk about creation something had to be in order. Like a man and a woman. We can have a man and a woman but if they do not unite there can be no talk about creating a baby. Maybe something like this was going on in the beginning. Something had to unite before it was able to create.

Can we come up with a better story than the one in the bible?

If I was God I would create a giant planet (it is a little difficult to make an infinite planet...) and settle down there forever.

What would you do?

There are those (the Hare Krishna movement) who think Krishna always has lived on a planet in the spirituel world, but if this is true then Krishna is not the creator of that world.

Is that not a problem? How big should this planet be? No thinking about anything? Things are just perfect?

To understand this way of thinking we could imagine a planet that always has been spinning around. This is not difficult. But to say how many times it has rotated is difficult = impossible. The only way to solve this problem is to create the planet and then count the number of rotation. Otherwice there can be no answer to the question other than an infinite number.

Maybe there is no beginning?

But if you have an infinite past would you then could do something that you not already have done? I will create a universe...well...that is fine...but have you not already done that? With an infinite past everything seems to have been done? Is there not a problem here? You can´t create anything because you have already created it? Or?

It would be much easyer if God popped out of nothing...but from nothing comes should we put God? Why not put God in a slepping state and then wake God up? This would solve some problems...what have you done? Nothing! How is that? Well...I was slepping! How long time was you slepping? I was slepping until I woke up! If there was some kind of cycle we could answer the fell aslep at 24.00 and woke up at 12.00 and fell aslep at 24.00...then we could say 12 hours...but without that cycle how answer the question?

Maybe you have a better beginning?

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Re: Can we say anything about the beginning?

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JehovahsWitness wrote:
Waterfall wrote: But I would like a female partner. Then we could enjoy heaven together. Be two and yet one. Its a good idea. Thought and will. Together they are very powerfull.

Then the bible should appeal to you, God made humans to form partnerships and live happily on earth. The Jehovah Witnesses is the best religion for people that want to enjoy paradise as males or females.

You will have to live on earth not in heaven, heaven is for God and the angels not you and I who are humans.
I am influenced by this book:

Here females represent thought (but they have will to) and males represent will (but they have thought to), so I do not have to believe in Jehovas Witnesses to enjoy partnerships. We are created as a couple.

Then there is the Hare Krishna movement. As I understand it there are females and males here to:

But why have genitals if we are not going to have sex?

There are so many questions to ask...

You think God created a savior in the beginning?

Why not create us all like Jesus?

But then there would be nobody to we would all be living in heaven and enjoying good fruits and talk about how great it is to exist.

Are we created as a couple in the bibel?

How do your paradise look like?

Will Jesus have to save 50 women and 50 men?

Lets say Jesus saves 50 women and 25 men, then what?

What about children?

Is it better to be born in paradise?

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