Classic vs. Modern Deism

Argue for and against religions and philosophies which are not Christian

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[Replying to post 10 by Thomas123]

If there are differences between our philosophies, the belief that God does or doesn't interact is the only one that matters. That's the difference between theism and deism.

You put words in my mouth saying I advocate avoiding challenging realities. And I don't really know what it is
you're trying to defend.

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"The burden we must learn to shoulder is to live with the doubt--and that burden is lightened enormously if we don't continually make up things to have doubts about."


I just thought that this statement of yours lacked a strong conviction. Is there a difference between deism and theism? Is deism a God without doctrine? I am defending nothing in particular and I feel that your approach to God is as valid as the next. You probably know that already. I have asked you enough questions.

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