Where the Anunnaki Come From!

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Where the Anunnaki Come From!

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Sumerian mythology, like all of them, has a lot of truth, but it is also subject to distortion throughout the millennia. We must not lose sight of the fact that the Sumerians lived thousands of years after the great floods that occurred on Earth after the glacial melt some 17,000 years ago. Therefore they inherited a series of stories already mythologized; But that's what revelation is for, to reshape those myths, turning them into true stories.

Surprisingly, the situation seems to be an analogy to reality, for in effect, Seisth is a planet that rotates along with its Star, and its Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy around the Galactic Center of the Milky Way; and it does so in an elliptical orbit. Rather, that path, which leaves a trail of stars, is changing until finally all the stars will merge in the Milky Way. This is also said of Nibiru, which rotates in a very elliptical orbit around the Sun; one is the galaxy that revolves around the Milky Way, and the other is a planet that revolves around the Sun.

The Anunnaki (Anu: Lords, Na: Heaven, Ki: Earth) are also said to have come looking for gold, which fits in with the theme of metallessness in the Dwarf Sagittarius Stars, as they are relatively young. However, and precisely the Star where Seisth is, has many billions of years, and its collapse has not yet occurred. On that planet the Eternal Gods build everything from stone, just like their pyramids.

Another topic to be highlighted is that of the times: the planet Seisth, as I said, passed more than a billion years ago in the vicinity of the Solar System, so that the biological plan on Earth dates from that time, so all the Life here was created by them. It is that the first ones are not known as Anunnaki but the second ones, and the chief of these first ones was the one known as Jehovah, or Yaldabaoth.

So there have been two descents of the Lords of Heaven and Earth or Anunnakis. The first was over a billion years ago, from Jehovah and his Archons, who unfolded the plan of life here on Earth. The second was among those known to the Sumerians as Anunnakis themselves, Gods for many ancient cultures, Watchers for the book of Enoch, Ancient Astronauts for others.

They joined the women of Earth, built the pyramids, and founded many prehistoric cities. They departed from Jehovah's directives, such as teaching heavenly and esoteric secrets to men, which is why Jehovah and his Archons descended and attacked them. It is said in Sumerian mythology that these Gods must have evacuated from Earth, and returned to heaven. The book of Enoch says that they were imprisoned in hidden places until the day of judgment.


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