Why does God have to 'care'?

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Re: Why does God have to 'care'?

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[Replying to Miles in post #9]

I wonder, again, about the precise definition of 'regret.'

You can use it in at least two senses. One is mere sadness. Sadness regarding the outcome of an action.

Another sense is - you would have done something differently. If given the chance you WOULD have changed your action.

I believe God only means the first sense in his "regretting" certain things. I don't think He would have gone back in time to change it. He did it in the past because he foresaw the good outcomes and ratified his decision/decree on that basis. The bad aspects were 'regrettable' but he ALLOWED them, for the sake of a greater, better purpose.

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Re: Why does God have to 'care'?

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Thomas123 wrote: Thu May 07, 2020 6:51 am Caring is a natural trait.
A mountain does not care!
It can be an obstacle or a shelter.
This is how I think God 'cares'( like a mountain)

What am I missing?

Assuming you are talking about the Bible's god, it will be recalled that he calls himself a "loving father" who treats humanity like a human father treats his children.

Ask the fathers in this forum how they treat their children and what would be the consequences if they did not care for them. Now ask the same of this biblical god.

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