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I used to be an avid reader of astrology because I liked reading about the different relationship compatibility and character traits for each zodiac sign. Eventhough it could not be proven to be accurate definitively, but I thought that my zodiac sign fit me so well that there had to be some validity to it. Now I'm a bit skeptical for the following reasons:

1. Although the zodiac descriptions for my sign matches me for the most part, but there are some people with the same zodiac sign where it doesn't fit them. So it would be biased to only go by the times that the zodiac signs fits someone while ignoring all the times that it doesn't especially since the latter would go towards validity.

2. I personally know someone who was born on May 29 so he's a Gemini. Gemini are supposed to be outgoing, extraverts, unstable ("spontaneous" may be a nicer way to put it :D ). Either way, my friend is the exact opposite of this.

My theory on astrology is that the traits that are described for personality and character usually go together as a package so-to-speak(based on experience). S of course, if one of the characteristics of say a Scorpio, is to be passionate, then you from experience you can come up with other traits that would be compatible with that and fit that into a common-sense personality/character package. My collection of personality/character traits just happens to fit my zodiac sign.

For debate:
1. Is astrology accurate when it comes to personality, character, etc.?

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Re: Astrology

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[Replying to post 1 by OpenYourEyes]

Not only is Astrology not accurate, it is a total fraud and is psuedo science at its worst and most groundless.

Here are just a few reasons why!

Please read and enjoy!


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Re: Astrology

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Post by Thomasrive »

From my point of view, astrology is essential. We came from or GOD between the stars. So I think that the stars know what it will be like tomorrow. I also believe that each number has its own meaning. For me, this subject is a fascinating one. That's why I like to read a lot about the theme of astrology. I've read recently about the meaning of 555 ... 5-meaning/. I've read that this is an angel number and will bring luck. I started to use this number everywhere, and from that moment, I felt how the positive energy was with me.
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Re: Astrology

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Post by Miles »

Thomasrive wrote: Wed Apr 21, 2021 1:32 am From my point of view, astrology is essential. We came from or GOD between the stars. So I think that the stars know what it will be like tomorrow.
Essential for what? And stars knowing stuff, how does that work?

BTW, welcome to the forum. :approve:


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Re: Astrology

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Miles wrote: Wed Apr 21, 2021 2:23 amEssential for what? And stars knowing stuff, how does that work?
It's not a false claim; it's just determinism dressed up in a starry dress for the prom. But if you look closely, it's just the same ugly truth nobody wanted to pin a corsage on yesterday.


Yes, strictly speaking, the stars move in predetermined ways and so do we. It was already preordained that I'd stub my toe under the big dipper or find a gold nugget when Mars and Venus were in conjunction. So, it's rather unavoidable that certain stars are going to be "lucky" for me throughout my life and others generally unlucky.

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