Reminder: Scientology, much more beautiful than the media...

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Reminder: Scientology, much more beautiful than the media...

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Post by Aetixintro »

Here's the presentation of non-cult Scientology that a religious movement built on something very admirable: non-authoritarian in nature and more...

Written by L. Ron Hubbard in September 1965.

A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.

Source: ... ology.html.

Please, add the Basics, incl. The Way to Happiness and A New Slant on Life, then add the very excellent book, Scientology 0 - 8, The Book of Basics.

Inside Book of Basics you find something very special, p. 133: the "S" column that comments on the "Ethic Level" and "down there" with "Tone Scale" 1.1 and 0.5, it reads: "Sex criminals. Negative ethics. Deviously dishonest. Perverts honesty without reason." and "Non-existent. Not thinking. Obeying anyone. [Understood very negatively, obeying the hideous, I suspect.]. On top, then, 4.0, "Bases ethics on reason. Very high ethic level."

Great or what? :D :D :D 8-)

The Basic Books, no more than 6 - 8 when I bought them: ... index.html.

The reasoning for Non-Cult Scientology:
Why Scientology can be described as religious (and not cult)

Scientology, for removing petty quarrel below the worth of the readers of this discussion page, can be described as religious out of these reasons:

1. That it has a goal for humanity or sentience of inifinity, by the 8th dynamic.

2. That it has a special standing ascribed to human beings beyond being animals, that is, how it describes people as „Thetans“, people with body and soul.

3. It elevates or describes human beings within a definite ethical context, i.e., something along the 10 commandments for this inifinity to be achieved.
- also see „Aims of Scientology“.

4. It abides to certain common corpus as movement that can plausibly be followed by everybody, also the autonomy-principle for its members, New Slant on Life, pp. 33 onwards.
- this point also removes, along with the others, that Scientology can ever be a cult in the true sense. A signal for this is its churches and missions always placed decently with the cities, usually the capitals too, as matter of street location and other.

"Picked up from the internet".

There is another non-cult consideration of Scientology that has a similar standing to the opinion-polling of 1000 people from the Social Sciences, it has to do with the number of members. That, regardless of the negative view of Scientology, a membermass that has reached a scope with more than 100 Churches and Missions around the planet, with a ship, Freewinds, and all from appx. 3 members to 30 million members or more, can't, simply CAN NOT, be described as cult, that the words on the Scientology Ethics by "The Way to Happiness" - "A Common Sense Guide to Better Living".

That we who are with Scientology can now easily deflect/dismiss any criticism against what we believe in and that a simple word for this to fx. the Cult Awareness Network can be made as a pre-emptive measure. That we stand absolutely defended under L. Ron Hubbard's brilliant contribution to human kind!
I'm cool! :) - Stronger Religion every day! Also by "mathematical Religion", the eternal forms, God closing the door on corrupt humanity, possibly!


Re: supporting documents of their vision

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Post by koko »


So is it really the gentle, thoughtful enlightening thing they say publicly and on their propaganda site?...or a dark devious, financially driven mind crush? I would hope we are too smart to take it at face value...

Cult or religion? positive impact or negative? The fact they are trying to spread like a virus isn't surprising, or in anyway indicative of some sort of good quality for doing so...besides the OP's positive spin on such a ..unique enterprising business model, what is your perspectives?

Thousands of people have dropped out of the cult because of its evils. One may see numerous videos on youtube to see how several of its leaders have dropped out of it with some mysteriously disappearing.

It has been banned in several countries and is not recognized as a "religion" by 157 countries: ... by_country

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Post by cbullion »

(Scientology is a derived theology, that originated from Vietnam)

L. Ron Hubbard is INSANE! SECRET TAPES on OT III Scientology. Aliester Crowley connection revealed

http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictio ... tary+gland

Image ... mages.html

You heard these phrases:

1. Human Soul Weighs 21 Grams
2. "Pound of Flesh"

These are their original intentions:

1. Pituitary Gland confirms and rejects all human disease and illness
2. Muscle Memory Primary (the center of muscle memory along a network of tissues functions like a second heart)

(Vaccine Nguyen Van Lem intended, was based from the processes from one of the animals, and it was applied to humans, it is designed to create a "kill switch" for people in spiritual sin......................Secondarily the "E - Meter" is designed to cause cardiac arrest, heart failure, not as a result of attacking the heart, but as a result of attacking the muscle memory center, the result was to create a kill switch for the people in spiritual sin.....................I believe that Nguyen Van Lem, based his vaccine on the cow, but I can't be complete sure...................a less dominant muscle memory center is relative to the right cheek/tong and hamstring below the groin.................."Snared Consciousness and Strifes and Contentions in your Members", cuts you off spiritually, this is the result of freewill choice, not the result of beating the poor or adversity, these methods were designed to impact the global community........................The First Resurrection is past, and, this information, and its result, has no value with God, you will die on the 70th year of Roswell's Anniversary, which is the 42nd month from Flight 370, three or so days before 8/21) (above the right collar bone, on the right side of the rib cage, and two points below the right breast, that should be about right, can't be sure though)


(the information is regurgitated, Nguyen Van Lem was the original author, but i'll fill in some of the blanks, you are viewing Ron L. Hubbard's final testament OT III (Old Testament 3), and the Pioneer Plaque that was sent into space)

9/11/2001 in Green, to, 8/21/2017 in Red (150 Days of Star Wormwood)

Image ... of-12.html

UNARIUS Academy in El Cajon space brothers

2012 = Galactic Center
2017 = Center of Dark Rift

Both "Unarius" and "Scientology" describe 9/11/2001 + 16 Years (16000 B.C. for Rev. 14:20) to 2017 for the "Three Days of Darkness" (33 Days of Intelligent Design is False from 8/21 to 9/23, instead 153 Days Only)
(Moses is Dropped from a High Place and then Hung for Three Days of Darkness, matching Jesus and Judas, that is where this comes from, the gospel)

Image ... odiac.html

33 Degrees of Pleiades/Orion/Sirius (Vertical Green Bar)
33 Degrees of Arcturus and Constellation Leo (Horizontal Bar)

1. The Green Dot is the Galactic Center
2. the Cross's Intersection Green Lines, represents Center of Dark Rift

(The Lensing Effect is referenced, when you look through a Sphere, it appears this information is spaced alot closer, we are viewing a linear diagram of a sphere, so Number 2, should be considered Valid)

33 Days of our Sun's Differential Pole, for 33 Degrees of the Pleiades Alignment, is not something that will be done today, when we reach 8/21 we will not go on to 9/23 or 33 Days. When we reach 8/21, the Three Days of Darkness will have already Passed. So that Means

1. Mayan Cosmic Cross = Center of Dark Rift in 2017
2. Mayan Cosmic Cross = Mandrid Cross Alignment on 8/21 for 150 Days

Love and Blessings (You have less that 4 Full Weeks before Global Euthanasia, you can use Nuclear Weapons to reveal God's interest in the sign of divorce by nuclear euthanasia of Genetic Dan's Genetic can shoot the Antichrist in the head following his instructions to cause a chain reaction and open up a portal to another galaxy, you don't have a lot of can die, both dumb and blind just as all these people have said, that is probably for the best, right now you need to use more lethal force against me, to help keep these people blind, you've become soft so I haven't performed any nightly walks the last 2 weeks, we should do this again beginning next week, so me your confidence in using lethal force against me, its not much, but its apart of your pleasure, plus everything else you do to me)

(Tetrahedron of the Pleiades, and theTetrahedron of our Earth's Sun, this is Nibiru/Star Wormwood's Original Location and its Current Resting Place, that is referenced by the double triangle design of scientology, we can abridge that and say the summer and winter triangles or Orion to Leo, etc.)
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Post by koko »

[ Replying to post 22 by cbullion]

@cbullion - thank you for sharing that video. It clearly shows the mindlessness of cultist L Ron Hubbard. The man was utterly evil and insane- the very embodiment of Satan. I don't like to speak of people in such a manner but this cannot be more obvious.

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