Reincarnation is deception!

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Reincarnation is deception!

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Post by PetriFB »

If we start to examine basic views of the New Age movement and the Oriental religions, it is good to start from reincarnation. This doctrine is namely in the background almost in all teaching of the New age movement and it is also the basic belief of the Oriental religions, in other words of Hinduism and Buddhism. About its commonness has been estimated, that about 25 % of people in the western countries believes in it, but in India and other countries of Asia, where is the origin of this doctrine, the percentage is naturally much bigger. There, in other words mainly in India and other countries of Asia has been taught this doctrine already at least for 2000 years, and obviously it was accepted generally about 300 before Christ, not just before it.

When it is a question of reincarnation, it in any case is based on the fact, that our life is believed to be continuous circulation. Its is believed to be continuous circulation, so that each person is born on the earth again and again and again, and gets a new incarnation always according to that, how he has lived in his former life. All that bad, what happens to us today, should only be consequence of the earlier happenings, and that we must now reap it, what we have sown earlier. Only if we experience enlightenment and at the same time are freed from the circulation, in other words we will achieve moksha, so this circulation does not continue eternally. (However in the western view achieving of moksha is not very important. Instead of that, in the western world reincarnation is seen in positive light, in other words mainly as a possibility to develop and to grow spiritually. It hasn't similar negative nuance to generally in east.)

But what can we think about reincarnation; is it really true or not, and is it worth while to believe? We try to search for answer to this matter in this writing.

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Re: Reincarnation is deception!

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Post by wannabe »

[Replying to post 1 by PetriFB]

Was reading through the posts and noticed no one really covered the subject of population increase in conjunction with reincarnation.

I'm not a believer in reincarnation, but find some of the explanations quite interesting.
As such , is the old representation of a being wholly transformed or split to make more, and if split is this more like a twin thing to restart or are only certain aspects of one's past moved forward, but eventually all.

Don't know if I asked the question the right way, but seeing as some of the posts have a much better understanding of reincarnation than I do, they might be able to enlighten me and maybe add a little more credibility to the concept.

No disrespect intended.

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Post by Man_With_A_Plan »

Belief in reincarnation come from people observing the cyclic nature of, well, nature.

The one universal trait all cultures and religions have shared since the earliest hunter gatherers began carrying out ritual burials some 800kya is belief that consciousness survives physical death--the soul, in other words. (I credit this to the phenomenon of the OBE, which, if a legitimate experience, may be a completely natural phenomenon experienced by people and sentient animals.)

When it comes to reincarnation, people looked at fruits, and seasons, sunrise and sunset, day and night, and so on...

And thought...

Golly, if reincarnation happens to everything else in the world, it must happen to the soul too.

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Post by dio9 »

philosophically the law of cause and effect implies there is a pre existing cause for every new life. We Christians call this soul God and many of us believe when our bodies die our soul returns to God. That's the hope anyway because God is eternal and we believe that we have eternal life too. In Christianity we have something called returning resurrection. Elijah as John the baptist and Believe Jesus will return again . Since Elijah did not return in his original physical body the essential Elijah must have existed before.
The important difference between east and west is easterners don't want to come back to this world of suffering while Christians do and want to live forever.

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Post by Dimmesdale »

The best (most convincing) account of reincarnation I've come across is that of Jeffrey J Keene. I encourage everyone to look into it (very easy to find on YT).

As for my opinion, I don't know, but theoretically it seems a stretch to me. If we are all riding around in bodies, only to enter new ones according to our karmas than this seems to break Occam's Razor a hell of a lot.

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