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Preface of Lifechanyuan Values

Fansheng Buddha

As we know, the Chanyuan Values is born in Chanyuan Corpus. If one wants to understand the Chanyuan values, one should first read Chanyuan Corpus, which, according to Crane-Celestial, is a unique and outstanding book. This description is very suitable. We all know that everything happens accidentally either a book or a theory framework. Our direct contacts are the literal things, and what we can't imagine and understand the chance of consciousness and the whole process behind it. However, there certainly exists its origin and reference behind the phenomenon of words. To read words from this perspective, the whole words are reproduced as a lively drama, in which the personages and the incidents are full of vivid details. This process is just like the archaeologist reproducing an ancient unknown history through a series of intact archaeological excavation. From this point of view, any literal things left in human history are related with the former social background, the author's personal experience and his unique consciousness.

If you read Chanyuan Corpus from this perspective, you will find the whole Chanyuan Corpus is full of vivid details and the soul of the book stands vividly in the pages. From this point of view, you can find the whole corpus is finished perfectly and written at one stretch. It is difficult to find a book in the history that as extensively involves as it does; it is also difficult to find a book in human culture that involves such a deep cultural background as it does. So, it is no exaggeration to say that Chanyuan Corpus has represented the development of human history vividly and contained all the human crystal of wisdom completely. Chanyuan Corpus starts from the birth of the universe, makes a deep analysis on the documents of several big religious sects in human history and reproduces the original features of all the religious texts. It starts from Chinese ancient historical legend to thousands years of phylogeny of mankind and inherits the whole Chinese history from the ancient time to today. Seeing from such a visual angle, you can turn back and unscramble any known and unknown literature such as classic works, various allusions, fairy stories and historical legends, in which all the personages are becoming alive and are closely bound up with our present human life. From this point of view, Chanyuan Corpus has made distinguished contribution on human beings and has reached the wisdom summit of human history.

With a close look at Chanyuan Corpus, we can feel that it leads us to know the Greatest Creator from the origin of the universe to the life space, from the movement of the macroscopic celestial bodies to the microscopic human organs, from the unsolved mysteries in history to various trifles happened all around us everyday. It uses the Wisdom and Abnormal Thinking to unscramble the truth of human history, to analyze the natural phenomena, and it uses the crystal of human wisdom to trigger our wisdom spark. It uses the Humans, Human Life and Life to analyze the origin of human beings, the level, truth and meaning of life, etc. It analyzes from the ancient time to the present, from macroscopic world to microscopic world, reveals all the evolution process of mankind life and points out that the current and future circumstance of human development will soon meet difficulties. In the Preaching and Time and Space of the Universe, it offers a detailed explanation on the phenomena of the universe in accordance with people's understanding from macroscopic to microscopic view. It also explains in detail about the origin of the universe; and through its description, the birth process of the Greatest Creator and the truth of the universe development are represented, which helps us cognize correctly what the Tao is. It also reveals the unified field of the universe from the dual perspectives of theology and science and points out the current development advantages and drawbacks of human science. It also reveals the birth of time and space in the universe and guides us to understand the existing state of different life in the 36-dimensional space, points out the beautiful development tendency for mankind and finds the better existing space for mankind. Among them, the Nonmaterial World will lead human into an unknown realm and open a new chapter for mankind to further cognize the truth, meaning of life and the Greatest Creator, to upgrade the level of life. The Revelation, Self-Refinery And Self-Improvement, Clutivation of Immortal, Buddhahood and Humans guide mankind how to cognize the truth of life and upgrade the level of life from the change of macroscopic life to microscopic life, from the change of natural phenomena to the essence of objective things. It starts from the practical method, from the elemental class to middle class then to high class, lets us learn through practice step by step. Through all these methods, it gradually improves our cognition and makes our cognition produce a qualitative mutation from the quantities accumulation. This process is also a process training us to move towards satori. All these methods are just formulary, but their application should follow the order from the junior to senior and can be flexible and different from person to person. The Civilization opens a new chapter for mankind and points out that the future people have to cognize the Greatest Creator to fundamentally solve the drawbacks in the current development process. In the Universe-Celestial's words, humans have to carry out the radically reform to follow the operating mechanism of growing from nothing to cognize the world namely starting from the Greatest Creator to the origin of the universe. Humans have to work out the rules of the game for the human life and existence to guarantee that all life can share the charity of the Greatest Creator freely and happily. As a result, everyone can know the fundamental of life so as to be grateful to the Greatest Creator, to cherish the life and to share the time of peace and prosperity of the Great Harmony.

Chanyuan Corpus contains too much information to enumerate in detail. In one word, the whole corpus impresses us with its extraordinary integrity and strictness and different chapters in the book forming a coherent whole. As a theoretical framework, it is unassailable. There is no accident for such an amazing works with the consciousness chance and process behind it because the time and energy of one person are finite after all; so I think that one needs to use up his lifetime energy to finish such an amazing book involving and researching in such wide realm. Otherwise, this fantastic book had appeared earlier in the history, and we needn't wait until nowadays. So we can say the Chanyuan Corpus is a sealed book, which is written in words but better than that; it seems to tell you everything and nothing at the same time. The wise man and the lucky will tell the difference..

So much for it. Now I will talk about the Chanyuan values according to my own understanding: the Chanyuan values is a most direct channel to the origin of life and a happy road for human transmitted by the Greatest Creator, various Gods and Buddha through Xue Feng; it shortens the distance between our horizon and the universe-this "root" looks as if far away from us; it uncovers the veil of the space, time and the nonmaterial world; it organically combines the religion with science and makes great contribution to scientifically establish the unification of the universe. It helps us unscramble the meaning of life from the origin to the transmigration of life, from the level of life to how to improve the quality of life. It reveals the truth of the universe-consciousness, structure and energy, and helps us break through the various obstructions in our consciousness; and it cognizes the origin directly and then connects to the origin. It helps us understand that it is the bounden duty for each life to maintain a stable and harmonious universe, understand the meaning of human life and life, and understand how to improve our life quality to meet such opportunity when the universe is going to take place the big adjustment. In other words, the Chanyuan values refers to the life and human life norms that the new mankind has to obey; and it is an optimum way to win the wisdom because it gathers all the wisdom in human history; and it will carry forward all of them. The Chanyuan values is a treasure chest, from which you can get whatever you want. The people armed with the concept can tell the difference of all the true and false things, make the demons and ghosts nowhere to stay. The concept can open the eye of insight, the eye of transcendent wisdom and the Buddha eye for us. Chanyuan concept is a great furnace of life, from which you can get whatever life quality with your own wisdom and efforts. Certainly, the concept of Chanyuan is also Pandora's Box: good begets good and evil leads to evil. Although the concept of Chanyuan is just a phrase, it contains various secret knowledge, which will gradually guide us to deepen our understanding, so it can help us solve the problems of real life and unscramble the life phenomena, help us from the methods of preserving our health to the improvement of our life quality, from telling the truth of world to unscrambling the essence of life. It organically combines the tangible material world with the intangible nonmaterial world together. It reveals the truth staying behind the surface phenomena of life and shows us what the soul is and what the life nonmaterial structure is. It also reveals us how to cognize our own spiritual entity, how to connect other psychic energies and how to cognize the relation between us and the psychic energy of our origin step by step.

It seems there are too much content in Chanyuan values, but the Chanyuan values seems to have nothing as well. You have to depend on yourself to know the Chanyuan values is and then put it into practice flexibly. What is Chanyuan values? Do you understand it? Haw-haw, just think I said nothing.

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About Xuefeng

Early Life

Xuefeng was born in 1957 and grew up on a farm in Gansu Province, China. His father was a very firm believer in and practitioner of communism and his mother was a kind-hearted and hardworking farmer.

As a child, Xuefeng attended temple with his mother to worship Chinese gods, including the Earth God, King of Dragon God, Erlang God, and others. He learned Taoism from his grandmother, Buddhism from his mother, Islam from a Muslim colleague, and Hindu from some Indians.
Xuefeng spent his early years in China and had various occupations including being a technician, an English teacher, and a statistics officer. A state company sent him to work as an interpreter in Zimbabwe during the 1990’s.
Before founding Lifechanyuan, Xuefeng was self-employed and had several shops plus a restaurant in Harare, the capital and largest city in Zimbabwe.

Spiritual Awakening

His enlightening experience began after a car accident in Zimbabwe.​

One day, after he had been driving for many hours on a highway, he fell asleep and crashed his car into a big milestone near a cliff. Magically, incredibly, he survived without any injuries. He did not understand how he could have survived because if his car had gone in only a slightly different direction, it would have rolled over the cliff and he would have died instantly.

After that experience, he felt that his old, secular life had died in that car accident, but that his new, spiritual life belonged to some “God�. He began questioning the meaning of his life as he gradually lost interest in his businesses. He then spent three years learning the Bible from Jehovah’s Witnesses, occasionally joining them at “Kingdom Hall� services, however he eventually felt that he had not found all his answers from that source.

For many years, he practised Qiqong every night in order to maintain his health.

Moment of Epiphany

Without finding the answers from Jehovah’s Witnesses, Xuefeng continued his way seeking for truth in the theory of Buddhaism, Taoism, and other philosopies from Chinese ancient wisdom, modern science discovery to meditation on nature phenomenas.

Then it happened at one night of 1999, when he was reading the Diamond Sutra he suddenly understood everything!

The mysteries of the origin of the universe and humanity, time and space, and what LIFE is, unraveled and became crystal clear to him.

An invisible divine force compelled him to write all his discoveries on paper, and that is where Xuefeng Corpus and Chanyuan Corpus came from.

Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus

In June, 2001, Xuefeng terminated his businesses in Zimbabwe gradually and began writing articles for Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus.

From 2001 to 2017, Xuefeng has written nearly three thousand (3,000) articles describing the construction of the Lifechanyuan Values system, including the profound truth of the universe, life, LIFE, time, space, consciousness, nonmaterial structure, and energy, as well as the way to create a new production and life mode for people and guidance articles to help Chanyuan celestials purify their soul gardens and sublimate their LIFE qualities on the self-cultivation way.

In 2010, Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus were published formally through the Hong Kong International Culture Press with the first thousand sets of ten books.

Lifechanyuan Column articles on Boxun website have reached 12,880,000 hits as of the end of 2017.

Note: Boxun is the most visited website for political commentary and social reporting among the ethnic Chinese population of North American.

New Oasis for Life

In 2009, Xuefeng returned to China and founded “The Second Home of Lifechanyuan� community. It had been developing quite well, with more than one hundred and fifty (150) members on three farms in Yunnan Province. In January 2017, in anticipation of a promising future , Xuefeng changed the community’s name to “New Oasis for Life�.

As the founder of Lifechanyuan, Xuefeng sees that his role is the spiritual guide to “reap the ripe crops�, initiate and develop the new production and life mode for the new era, and guide Chanyuan celestials to climb the highest realms of life and LIFE.

Watch Videos: “Interview with Lifechanyuan’s Founder – Xuefeng�

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Lifechanyuan doesn't Celebrate any people's birthday

Xue Feng

To celebrate birthday for babies or the aged is a kind of tender feeling and a cultural enjoyment in the Mortal world. So Lifechanyuan does not oppose people to celebrate birthday.

However, when the youth and middle age celebrate their birthday in an extravagant way, this conduct does not embody the tender feeling or enjoyment, but philistine and burdensome.

People in the official circles celebrating their birthdays are a kind of invisible corruption.

Businessmen celebrating their birthday are a kind of flaunting and obsession.

Lifechanyuan tries to make the human life simple and plain, to simplify the five cardinal virtues-humanity, justice, propriety, wisdom and credit, to deepen the morality.

As a result, we are not willing to make a fuss about birthday to waste our energy, time and material resources just for momentary vanity. If we want to celebrate birthday, we should celebrate the birth of Heaven, the Thousand-year World, the ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent.

What we need are not unnecessary and over elaborate formalities, just simplicities!

April 22, 2007

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Lifechanyuan is not an organization

Xue Feng

Once joining an organization, no matter it is a religious organization, political organization, or a group of gangsters, you lose the freedom in lifetime and soul. No one in an organization can speak and act freely. A man without freedom is much the same as a sheep in the fold. Anyone who belongs to an organization would have a twisted mind and imperfect personality. The longer he stays in an organization, the more likely he becomes a paranoia, because long time nurtured by the idea and behavior of the organization would change one into a screw of that organization, and in the end he will become senseless even to himself.. The situation is the same as a tiger being enclosed in the zoo. As mountains become less familiar, the tiger would not have the courage of roaring among mountains any longer; and it would regard the world outside the cage as a prison while itself is in a prison. Actually, being a member of an organization is gambling undecided prospect; being a member of a religious organization is gambling soul; being a member of a political party is gambling fate or future, even gambling for the two. Therefore, all of the followers of religions and political parties in the world are gamblers, and there is very little rationality in them whatsoever. These people are clever in trifles but stupid in important things. Of course, those leaders who jostle against each other and eventually succeed can be excluded. Lifechanyuan is totally different from the above various organizations because the later are just tied by relationship of a same organization instead of by friendship and what exists in them is only the party spirit, while in Lifechanyuan people are tied by friendship rather than by a same organization or party. What brings us together is that we are in consonance with each other, love each other and we share the same ideal and goal. Thus, the relationship among us is that of friends, brothers and sisters, lovers, and what links us together is not the collective will, but friendship and our worship for the Greatest Creator. Therefore, Lifechanyuan primarily focuses on human nature and friendship, gives full play to the special skill, intelligence, and the truth, kindness, beauty inside each academician's character, and emphases on the fully enjoyment of joy and happiness of friendship.

Religious organizations have various ceremonies and regular gatherings, while Lifechanyuan doesn't have these.

Political parties have statutes and organizational disciplines, while Lifechanyuan doesn't have them too.

The members of a religion or political party must hand in an amount of money, while this is not the case in Lifechanyuan.

Each religion or political party has a rigorous organization form and struggle for power and status, while Lifechanyuan is different; the position of each Chanyuan-celestial is decided by destination and will last lifetime which in no circumstances should be replaced by others. For example, Crane- celestial is the General President of Lifechanyuan; this position will belong to him forever, even after he leaves the mortal world for the thousand-year world, he will still be the General President. Another example for the position of 8 sages of Lifechanyuan, once he or she be among 8 sages of Lifechanyuan, he or she will be in this position forever. Other positions such as Saints of Yin and Yang, Four Heavenly Kings, 8 Masters, 16 Zens, etc, all of them will last lifetime. This is the same as the stars in the sky, there is no replacement for this one and that one; each star has its particular position and function.

It is common that every religion or political party only protect its own interests (of course, what is left may be granted to the others). But Lifechanyuan protects for the interests of whole mankind.

Religious organizations or political parties have conditions for enrolling members, and they only open to those supporting them, while Lifechanyuan open to all human beings. No matter who you are, either religious follower, partisan ringster, leader or democratic personages, even habitual loafer, you could be a Chanyuan-celestial of Lifechanyuan if you are a saint.

There is no rule and regulations, no rights and obligations in Lifechanyuan. People are independent from each other, following their own inclinations. We will have a party when we are cheerful, singing and dancing; we will have no party in one even two years when we are under a cloud. Our causes depend on the drive force in every celestial's mind; we carry out our enterprise on their own initiatives and we do not compel anyone. There is a moral court deep in our heart which enables us to make self-confession, self-lawsuit, and self-judgment. There is no need to interfere us.

Xue Feng is only a guide of Lifechanyuan, who is not qualified to imperiously order others and give commands. Chanyuan-celestials respect him because of his wisdom and friendship as well as his sincere respect to them, and because of the same value in spirit from the inner heart. Xue Feng will never impose his will on any celestial who is unwilling to accept his opinion.

In short, Lifechanyuan is not an organization.

Aug 23,2005

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Symbols of Lifechanyuan Era

Xue Feng

First, let us understand these eight characteristics of the era in which we are living:​

The current era of humanity is one of disorder
It is an era of nationalities, political parties, religions, races, countries, and other interest groups fighting both overtly and covertly
It is an era of people mostly pursuing material comforts but ultimately falling apart
It is an era in which the winners make the rules and the losers are always wrong, with everything depending on force and power
It is an era of countries being controlled by separatist regimes through the force of arms
It is an era that is locked in a seesaw struggle between truth, goodness, and beauty against falsity, evil, and ugliness
It is an era in which people are confused, with gloomy hearts and souls, with decadent spirits and anxious minds, and who cannot see the trend of future developments
In one sentence, it is an era under Satan’s reign
The new Lifechanyuan era can be characterized by the following eight major qualities:

The disappearance of countries
The disappearance of religions
The disappearance of political parties
The disappearance of families
The disappearance of war, crime, hunger, and disease
A shift from pursuing material comfort to pursuing spiritual satisfaction
The production and life of people everywhere will be steered by saints and managed by sages
Knowledge of the Greatest Creator will take root in society and we will live in a harmonious and orderly manner with nature and other advanced LIFE​
Beyond those, there are these eight additional features:

Deserts will become oasis
The good order of “No one pocketing anything found on the road and doors not needing to be locked at night� will become normal, for thieves will be gone
People will mutually trust, respect, and love each other as members of the same family
Weather will usually be good for the crops, with distinct seasons, and natural calamities such as earthquakes and storms will be rare
Bad traditions, such as one’s dignity depending on their amount of money, their power and influence, and their fame and prestige will change
The forms of love between men and women will diversify
The lifespans of people will increase to about five-hundred years
The manner and time of one’s death will be self-determined

In this New Era, the human population may decline sharply as many extinct species reappear. The world, including the air and water, will be purified and restored to its earlier state. This era will belong to those who have devoted painstaking efforts throughout their lives to revering nature, Life, the Greatest Creator, and humanity.


The era of Lifechanyuan will last one thousand years; and after this human will enter into another era.

The people with telegnosis will certainly perceive the breath of this era and strive for it; the people with no telegnosis may think this statement is ridiculous, ignorant, absurd and nonsense.

The approach of Lifechanyuan era will not change according to the will of anybody but is the necessary evolution result of universal life; it is the law and order of Tao; we will enter into the Lifechanyuan era if we follow the Tao; otherwise we will be abandoned by the Lifechanyuan era.

So we can say that the future of the people in Lifechanyuan is bright with splendid prospects.

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Lifechanyuan Is the Wonderland for Resonant Souls

Xue Feng

Basing on the will of the Greatest Creator, the guide of Jesus Christ, the teaching of Buddha Sakyamuni, the celestial being LaoTzu, the prophet Mohammed, sages at all times and in all lands and the life mode of the thousand-year world in Heaven, Lifechanyuan is built for harvesting "ripen crops", leaving seeds to human species on Earth for developing Lifechanyuan era. Chanyuan Celestial mainly refers to people who are celestial beings having lived in Heaven in preexistence and previous preexistence but can't find their way to home temporarily, refers to those who are successful in self-refinement and self-improvement about Buddha dharma and doctrines of Christ and Tao, refers to those who are humble and relative perfect and dreaming for the life of Heaven. Chanyuan celestial is born instead of being educated and cultivated in short time; what Xue Feng does is to look for Chanyuan Celestial rather than to cultivate Chanyuan Celestial.

So, Lifechanyuan is the wonderland for resonant souls, is a family full of harmony, auspicious and happiness, is a land of idyllic beauty for people persisting Lifechanyuan values to enjoy happiness, is a college to sublimate life quality and to self-refine supernatural power, and is also a transfer station to get rid of worldly fetter and to get into the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, the Elysium world and the Celestial Islands Continent.

Lifechanyuan is never a place to argue truth and to fight, never a ballroom or a platform to play the peacock, never a market to sell personal thought and never an arena to present personal magic arts; it is not "Shanghai Beach" where people can grab power, money, fame and beauty; it is not a classroom to present its own knowledge and ability and to educate other Chanyuan Celestials and guests; it is not such a place to draw some people in and to push others out; and it is never a place to organize its own strength and power.

There isn't other thought but Chanyuan values in Lifechanyuan. Unless you think that your thoughts overpass Jesus, Sakyamuni, LaoTzu, Mohammed, Xue Feng and Heaven-Earth Celestial, otherwise your thoughts are not worth to absorb, and you can't publicize your thoughts in Lifechanyuan.

There isn't room for discussing and debating but holding Chanyuan values. If you don't agree with Chanyuan values, please go and look another good place to show your ability; if you think that we deprive of your discourse power, it is not because we are too autocratic but you swim against the tide; to promote rat poison in a grocery store is not the false of the grocery but the promoter who choose wrong place.

You can speak everything about praising, encouragement, reciprocal affection, truth, goodness, beauty, love, honesty and trust freely; you can move freely and quickly on thoughts of Chanyuan values; you can speak your understanding of human life, life and time-space; and you can speak out your puzzle and doubt freely; however, please don't play your petty tricks, otherwise you will swing the axe onto your own foot.

No matter how many Chanyuan Celestials there are, they are the same and can be called one person. Take a look at the Celestials in early stage in Lifechanyuan-Foshan Celestial, Taiji Celestial, Heaven-Earth Celestial, Deiform celestial, Penglai Celestial, Tianshan Celestial, Wannian Celestial, Canghai Celestial and Jiaoer Celestial, they like one person; we can't distinguish them from each other. They don't hold a meeting to discussion, don't exchange ideas privately, don't design "pact to shield each other" and don't restrain each other; they act as they pleases, but what they do, think, wish, act and present is like one person. Over the years, there are many people to stir up trouble to disintegrate them, but the result is that the destroyers swing the axe onto their own feet. Fortunately, this good situation is fermented and extended uninterruptedly; like their predecessor, the following Chanyuan Celestials are also like one person, they are Lingyuan Celestial, Tianhe Celestial, Tongtian Celestial, Yiyun Celestial, Mizong Celestial, Wanmin Celestial, Jingying Celestial, Xianzhe Celestial, Huiying Celestial, Huixin Celestial, Lingfeng Celestial, Shenfo Celestial, Fahai Celestial, Lingxiao Celestial, Huahui Celestial, Songbai Celestial, Conglong Celestial, Shengming Celestial, Fangsheng Celestial, Longgong Celestial, Tongxin Celestial, Ailian Celestial, Wanjiang Celestial, Dongfang Celestial, Tianji Celestial, Lianxin Celestial, Tiankong Celestial, Tongyuan Celestial, Wushang Celestial, Zhengjue Celestial, Shoufo Celestial, Tianshi Celestial and Puji Celestial, just Like the formula of 1+1+1+1+1+1….=1. These people can share the happiness and hardship together, can hold together in live and death and can be as dear to each other as members of one family. Isn't it the factor of the Great Harmony world? Isn't it the aspiration that human beings wish for? Isn't it the results of following the instructions of Jesus, Buddha, LaoTzu and Mohammedan? Isn't it the miniature of the thousand-year world and the ten-thousand-year world of the Heaven? Isn't it human beings' most wonderful expectation? And is there conflict and dispute among them? Is there jealousness? It seems not.

Someone says Lifechanyuan is at an end. The fact is that it is not Lifechanyuan at an end but you. Somebody says "Chanyuan Celestials are cheated by Xue Feng", in fact you are cheated by your petty tricks and your nearsightedness; Chanyuan Celestial is hundred even thousand times cleaver than you. Today it is the time of internet on which there is abundant information, who has the ability to cheat people in public? If you don't trust, you can have a try. Some people do their best to "wake up" Xue Feng and Chanyuan Celestials; in fact the dizzy one is not Chanyuan Celestial but yourself; you are a blind person with illusionary thinking and wooly headed and in a deep slumber, how can you "wake up" others? Even if you could "wake up" someone, where would you take the "awakener" to go?

The authentic Chanyuan Celestials don't regard Xue Feng as God at all, but respect him as an elder brother, as bosom friend to whom we can open our mind to communicate, as friend that we can drink together in the midnight and as playmate of entertainment. However, the people who are fettered by traditional thinking and religious doctrine place Xue Feng to the position of "God" to attack; they imagine Xue Feng to be God, then they attack Xue Feng like Don Quixote attacking wind as his enemy.

There are differences between worship and respect. If we take respect as worship, God will be everywhere.

It is your supposition to think Xue Feng's action of building and developing Lifechanyuan as his desire for being an overlord, colleting wealth and luring beauty. The honey bee never fights for food with fly; you can't find a big frog in a small pond. "How can a sparrow know the will of a swan?" How can laity guess out the wish of the Super Celestial Beings?

In a word, Lifechanyuan is the wonderland for resonant souls; no matter who you are, as long as you can resonate with Lifechanyuan, you can be the member of Lifechanyuan family; you can play games and travel life with other Chanyuan celestials. If you can't resonate with Lifechanyuan, please seek another place you like. Please don't rattle away, indulge in self-admiration and complain; please don't deliver lectures and complain that no one understand you in Lifechanyuan.

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FAQs Concerning Lifechanyuan

April 1st, 2004
Xue Feng

1. What kind of institution is Lifechanyuan?

A: Lifechanyuan is neither a political organization nor a religious group, nor is a company or enterprise. Lifechanyuan is the home of human spirit and soul, which does not set up any substantial institutions. Lifechanyuan make a fusion of their profound wisdom from all of the saints and celestials in the major scientific achievements and different religious point of views, providing a clear way for human survival and development. Lifechanyuan provides a habitat for human spirit and soul, which is the home of spirit and soul of ordinary people who possess good and honest, industrious and intelligent quality. It is a place to make clear the meaning of life, the significance of lifetime and a transfer station for people with perfect human nature to make forward for the high level of space of life.

2. What's the significance of the birth of Lifechanyuan?

A: Human beings are faced with a huge possible crisis now, which concerns everybody's survival. The significance of the birth of Lifechanyuan at this time is to help people survive the crisis. When a leaf is withering and falling, it does not necessarily mean that there will be some special event, but when all the leaves are withering and falling, it must mean that "winter is approaching". Similarly, when somebody betray the Greatest Creator, it does not necessarily mean that there will be some troubles in human beings, but if the majority of them betray the Greatest Creator, their nature get lost, and they become greedy, selfish, cunning and "smart", it must mean that "the winter of human society is approaching.". There are some articles and information in www.qingyunju.com web site, which may help to understand better the significance of the birth of Lifechanyuan.

3. Is it possible for Lifechanyuan to help human beings to survive for the coming cold winter?

A: Definitely. There might come a time when the sun lost its brilliant rays, the moon and stars lost their splendor, and the earth was plunged into a sudden darkness. You would find that, on the first day, people might be curious and puzzled at these. On the second day, nervousness and horrible mood might appear. On the third day, people began to be crazy and out of control. On the fourth day, they began to fight even kill others for food and break down. On the fifth day, there would be no power for water and electricity, and the radio, television, internet, telecommunications would be fully paralyzed. All the cities would turn into complete chaos. People on earth would be like a crowd of flies without heads crashing about in darkness. The parents will not find their babies, and the babies cry for their parents. At the same time, dead bodies stretch all around the streets and lanes. Hell seems broke loose, and cannibalism would become a common feature. A month later, a stillness as of death will hang over the earth. Eighty-one days later, the stars will appear gradually, and the moon begins to be over people's head again…let's make such an assumption (please notice the word here, an assumption), if the eighty-one days is a cold winter for human society, then, who would be so lucky to survive the calamity, to survive in the "cold winter"? The answer is those people, who have entered the Lifechanyuan, would be lucky enough to escape from the scene of calamity.

4. What is the aim of Lifechanyuan?

A: At first, we will make our best to prevent the possible "cold winter" from coming to human world. Once we find it is impossible to attain our goal, the souls of the Lifechanyuan would be sent to the thousand-year world to survive "the cold winter", and then they would embrace the dawn of " a new age" in future.

5. Would it be possible for Lifechanyuan to save all human beings?

A: Impossible. Lifechanyuan can only save one percent of human beings.

6. Why isn't it all human beings?

A: It is not Lifechanyuan does not want to save all human beings; it is because the majority of human beings are unwilling to be saved by Lifechanyuan. What they prefer is money, power, fame, high status instead of their own life. This is called putting the cart before the horse, and refusing to repent. How can it be possible to save them? And for other people, although they do not dream of much money, power, fame, sex, and high social status, they are under the control of evil spirits stubborn and enthusiastic; they are unable to stay ease to be perceptive. It is also impossible to save them.

7. Then, who can be saved?

A: Those with spiritual nature as well as perfect human nature.

8. How will you perform the rescue work?

A: Actually, the so-called salving here refers to the salvation of soul. The saving provided by Lifechanyuan is just a kind of revelation. The salvations of soul come only from human being themselves. The key to Lifechanyuan is also in your own hand.

9. How could people get into Lifechanyuan?

A: First of all, they must have some knowledge about Lifechanyuan. Anybody who wants to get into Lifechanyuan must ponder over some questions such as thinking, universe, time and space, life(spirit and soul), human beings, lifetime, morality, etc. Only when your understanding and perception arrive at some stages can it be possible for you to find the key to Lifechanyuan. It is only the spirit and soul can get into Lifechanyuan.

10. Are you saying that Lifechanyuan is the only solution for human beings?

A: No. as long as you have a belief in the Greatest Creator and follow the Tao of the Greatest Creator as well as possess perfect human nature, you would be saved . What Lifechanyuan does is also instructing human beings to believe in the Greatest Creator and follow the Tao of the Greatest Creator.

11. Why are the articles of Lifechanyuan written in Chinese first rather than in English?

A: Buddha used to say: "Your Eastern land is in the Southern Continent of Jambu. As the sky is lofty there, the soil deep, its products many, and the people multitudinous there is much covetousness, murder, debauchery, lying, deception and dishonesty… I have Three Stores of scriptures that offer deliverance from suffering and release from disaster." Xue Feng says: "Your East land ignore the Three Stores of scripture, the sky is low there, the soil barren, ignore God and Buddha, ignore the law and nature, and the people multitudinous there remain much greed, murder, debauchery, lying, deception and dishonesty. I have Lifechanyuan that offer deliverance from suffering and release from disaster." China is the most populous country with the most serious crisis in the world. Once China collapsed, there might be a terrible disaster all around the world. No matter in the sense of importance or priority, articles of Lifechanyuan must be written in Chinese first.

12. What is "All religions will return to the origin."?

A: "All religions will return to the origin" is the unavoidable trend in the development of human spiritual nature and wisdom. It is not somebody's illusion. "All religions will return to the origin" is not that all religion will return to Lifechanyuan, but that will return to nothing, and all religions will return to the origin both in religious organization and religious form. The theoretical basis of Lifechanyuan is The Bible, The Diamond Sutra, The Qur'an , Tao Te Ching. The teachers are Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed, and LaoTzu. Lifechanyuan also absorbs the achievements in spiritual field both at home and abroad including the spiritual core of all religions, the wisdom of God, Buddha, Celestial and the saints of human society. The only purpose is to instruct people to break through all shackles in the heart and to accept the Greatest Creator and the Tao of the Greatest Creator as their only faith. This is what "All religions will return to the origin" means.

13. According to Lifechanyuan, what kind of faith humans should?

A: The Father honored by Jesus, ancestor honored by Buddha Sakyamuni , Allah honored by the Prophet Mohammed, and the creator of Tao referred by LaoTzu, all of the four titles of respect refers to ---the Greatest Creator , the psychic energy , which should be worshiped and respected by all human beings. Only by adherence to a common faith can human beings have a common direction; only by following the same direction can human beings forget personal enmity, cooperate hand in hand, maintain peace and ecological balance, and at last, can human beings be possible to break away from fatuity and enjoy the life of human beings in real sense.

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Lifechanyuan Addressing on The New Year’s Day

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Xue Feng

Human beings are marching rapidly, and disasters are closely associated with us. We will enter into the year of 2013 in seven years. It is time to wake up.

Tsunami, earthquake, hurricane and blizzard mingled with the bird flu and overflow of rivers, which can frighten heaven and move the earth. A larger “storm� will arrive in quick succession. Oh, poor human beings! When will you find time to face the Greatest Creator and to pray him to relieve the disasters for human beings?

Human beings! We can not outsmart the Greatest Creator and can not outsmart the death; we should stop being arrogant and blind. Even we can send thousands of spacecrafts into the outer space to monitor the change of nature; and even all our 6.5 billion people unite together, we will be unable to escape the punishment due to our reckless wrongdoing on nature

You did not obey and implement any one of my suggestions offered on last New Year’s day; Now, it is too late even you want to avoid dangers. You have been deceived by your self-righteous science, so you put all of your future on your over-confident capacity. You should think it over again. Can you withstand the tottering of hills and quaking of the earth? Can you endure the hard times of the dimming of sun and moon?

Can’t you see, listen and consider it seriously? You should place the masses first and attach importance to the benefits of all human beings. And you should know when the nest is overturned, no egg stays unbroken. The earthworms of Japan dig a hole on the ground, which may lead a earthquake in Europe; a dense smoke in Madagascar may arouse extensive draught around America Continent. Giving up your narrow state-national interest, religious and political party interest, family and personal interest, and giving up your wild ambition of being an overlord, you, instead, should pray for all human beings and devote your talents and wisdom to the interest and benefit of the whole mankind.

We have compelled ourselves on the hopeless situation, and everything has become extra extravagance except bread, tent and clothes. Our extra enjoyment finally depends on the charity and nursing of Mother Nature. If Mother’s blood is bled white by us, how can we survive?

You are always in a hurry and bustle up blindly everyday; where on earth are you going? Develop! Develop! Speed up! Speed up! Won’t the sun rise tomorrow? Are you really capable of settling down on the Mars?

The United Nation including various heads of governments, what are you thinking so far? Do you really have the ability to stop the destructive attack? The religious leaders of Christianism, Catholicism, Buddhism and Islam, what is in your mind? Don’t you think there are some problems in your religious doctrine? Doesn’t your religious doctrine contradict with each other? If they are all correct, how can they contradict to each other? If they contradict to each other, how can you say that it is the only truth?

The old consciousness can not adapt to the new era just like the old leather bag can not contain the new wine. Can you switch your ways of thinking while sticking to you own standpoint?. Let’s sit down calmly and discuss about the common future of human beings.

We should not throw a piece of gold for thousands of people to fight and share. It is just like playing basketball—let dozens of players to fight for one ball, but should offer each people a way to make a living. If a lot of people have to fight for one ball in the reality life, such ways of living can only arouse suffering and misfortune, which will finally lead to disaster and destruction.

6.5 billion people are living in crises, and the only way to defuse crises to start from our own minds .

The birth of Lifechanyuan is absolutely no accident, which is not only the necessity of civilization development, but the arrangement of the Greatest Creator. What Lifechanyuan does is not to usurp the power of some country, political party or religion, but to disseminate the knowledge of the Greatest Creator and to rescue mankind. Lifechanyuan does not go so far as same as vulgar and philistine.

Now, Lifechanyuan is the only hope to defuse the contradiction and crises of human beings. With the approaching of New Year, I hope that various governments and religious groups accept the value of Lifechanyuan with enlightened mentality, reverence to the Greatest Creator, life and nature with humble attitude and follow the words of the Greatest Creator. In this way, maybe the Greatest Creator will give a way out and offer a slim chance of survival for human for us to escape from disasters.

Human beings will enter into Lifechanyuan era in 2013. I hope more people can enter into Lifechanyuan era. And it would be better that all 6.5 billion people will enter into Lifechanyuan era. The direction is given; what you are going to do depends on your own choice.

Bright future for everyone!

Dec 31, 2005

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How to Get Along with Each Other in Lifechanyuan

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Xue Feng

All the Chanyuan-Celestials obtaining the life visas are the good babies of the Greatest Creator, the loyal disciples of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial Being LaoTzu and Prophet Muhammed, the relatives of Xue Feng-the tour guide of Lifechanyuan, and the relationship between them are brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers.

Among Chanyuan-Celestials, they are bound to love, care, encourage and forgive each other. Among them, there is no interest conflict, no discrimination, no quarreling or fighting, no implacable contradiction, but common belief, common value, common hobby and common future.

The excellent qualities of Chanyuan-Celestial are first reflected in the relationship of brothers and sisters; these who concern and love brothers and sisters are on the Tao of the Greatest Creator, are the ones who stick to the value of Lifechanyuan and respect the tour guide; otherwise, it means to hurt brothers and sisters, to deviate from the Tao of the Greatest Creator, to give up the value of Lifechanyuan and to hurt the tour guide.

When brothers and sisters meet difficulties, everyone can not turn a blind eye or turn a deaf ear to it, but shares each other's fortunes and difficulties.

When brothers and sisters are not happy, everyone can not gloat or satirize him but use the zealous words to warm him, intelligent words to enlighten him and let him know that he is not lonely; and he lives with all people and shares with the care of everyone.

When brothers and sisters make mistake, everyone should not rally together to criticize him or finish him off with a single blow but should forgive him, help him realize the mistake through salutary influence of education; in case of failing to realize his mistake, we should wait patiently and give him some chances to correct the mistake.

If brothers and sisters unintentionally commit a crime, everyone should not discriminate, ignore, despise and monitor him but forgive him; as long as he still stays in the homeland, we should love, help and influent him with our loves.

When brothers and sisters are in poor health, we should offer extra help on his daily life, provide him with the best food of the homeland, give him enough time to rest, speak the warm words to console him and afford him convenience as much as possible.

When brothers and sisters have their special hobbies, we should not deprive their hobbies but respect them, should not restrain but understand, and we should not struggle against them but work hard to satisfy their hobbies.

When brothers and sisters say something wrong unintentionally and even deliberately hurt you, you should not tit-for-tat or combat poison with poison but forgive him and treat him with a big heart.

When there is dispute or conflict among brothers and sisters, we should not tie up in knots, should not nurse a grievance, should not be indifferent to each other and should not hold grudges be strangers. We should learn to forgive.

We should never use the offensive words, broken-hearted words, caustic words, aggressive words, undue words but use the loveable words, cozy words, humorous words, sweet words, tender words towards brothers and sisters; we should never plant thistles and thorns among brothers and sisters.

We chat with each other but never talk about the mistakes of others; in this homeland, no matter what we talk about, where we talk and in what situation, we should avoid talking about right and wrong of brothers and sisters as far as possible, should not sprinkling salt on the wound of brothers and sisters or pouring oil on the sparks but fully respect the dignity and personality of brothers and sisters and fully protect the privacy of brothers and sisters.

We should never be on guard, monitor, supervise or track brothers or sisters, neither guess the feeling and thoughts of brothers or sisters, neither fight for anything of brothers or sister, neither kick up a fuss with one's brothers or sisters, neither abuse or beat up each other with one's brothers and sisters, nor take your own sisters or brothers to the court.

We would rather be bullied or hurt by our own brothers and sisters than to bully or hurt our own brothers or sisters; we would rather absolutely believe our own brothers and sisters, but never suspect a tiny bit our own brothers or sisters; we should leave the paths of life to brothers and sisters and leave the blind alley to ourselves in any difficult and hard situation.

Chanyuan-Celestials are the virtuous people who break away from the babbittry, are extraordinary people with a great heart, are the people who are going to Heaven and are the people who are not sentimentally attached to the human society, are the people who understand the value and meaning of human life and treat the scenery of the journey on human life with a sense of playfulness, are the people who learn of the secret of life, understand what the priority is and what the importance is so as to perfect one's nonmaterial structure and finally achieve the Arahat of Celestial Beings. There is nothing that we can not understand, we can not make allowance for and we can not forgive; especially for our own brothers and sisters, there is nothing we can not forgive.

All Chanyuan-Celestial are the relatives of Xue Feng, and I will be glad that they care, love and warm each other among relatives; I will be sad that they hurt, dispute and estrange each other among relatives.

Let's firmly step on the way guided by Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial Being LaoTzu, Prophet Muhammad and the great man Mao Zedong so as to follow the Tao of the Greatest Creator; let's climb indomitably and constantly the summit of human life and life; let's march together happily, joyfully and peacefully to the Celestial Islands Continent!

December 22, 2009

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What Is the Destiny for the Boat of Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng

Without a specific direction and a clear goal, human life will inevitably go round in circle; life can only transmigrate in-place.

People who want to go everywhere can but mark time, because we can't simultaneously on the way to New York, Tokyo, London and Johannesburg. Just think about a ship sailing on the boundless and indistinct sea, what shall it do without directions and destination? Either go with the stream or sail without a certain destination or circling in the same place.

Human life without direction and goal is a perplexed life; life without direction and goal is vacant life.

It is still useless if there is only direction, because there are lots of stops in one direction. If there isn't specific destination, we will lose ourselves in the endless direction.

Every boat has its direction and goal; so we have to make clear that where the boat is going when we take it. Maybe some are fishing boats; they will retrace their routes after fishing in the sea. Some are pleasure-boats; they take us back where we start after visiting some scenic spots. Probably some are pirate ships; they anchor in a mystery place for a while after robbing other ships on the sea, then watch for chance to rob again. Maybe some are discovery ship; they have no idea about their destination; they don't know whether it is an uninhabited Iceland or a flaming Island of fire, they merely take their chances.

Then, what is the destiny for the boat of Lifechanyuan?

Along with the direction of developing Lifechanyuan era, Lifechanyuan will begin its voyage to Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent. There are two stops on the way to Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent: one is the thousand-year world; the other is the ten-thousand-year world.

Why does it stop at the thousand-year world and the ten-thousand-year world on its way to Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent?

Because it is a boat of life, and also a boat that gone for ever; so the one who takes this boat should have a place to go; although the destination is Celestial Islands Continent, not every passenger can reach there; a good deal of lives have to get off at the thousand-year world, some at the ten-thousand-year world, and minority can reach to Celestial Islands Continent,

So far, none of people taking the boat of Lifechanyuan can reach to Celestial Islands Continent, only a few people can reach to the ten-thousand-year world, and great majority can achieve the standards of reaching to the thousand-year world.

Of course it is not the final conclusion, because everyone is still sublimating and developing. May be they can break through the zero bound and make an essential development in a night; in this case, there will be much more lives who can reach to the ten-thousand-year world and Celestial Islands Continent.

You should take the ship of Lifechanyuan by your heart instead of by your body, name and sign. If our heart is not in the ship but a name, it can't be called taking boat of Lifechanyuan; so in this case, if you can't reach to your destination, you can't complain to be cheated by the ship, you are cheated yourself, because you never take this ship-it can be said that your body is in the ship but your heart is still on the shore, you are waiting and seeing, watching the wind direction, balancing the advantages and disadvantages and choosing your goal.

The ship of Lifechanyuan will reach to its destination on time according to the time of life of universe. No matter how many people will take this ship, no matter millions of people or zero people, this ship has to sail to the Heaven according to its plan and procedure.

To people who want to escape from catastrophe and go to the Heaven, the ship of Lifechanyuan has been to your gate and has called for you; whether to take it or not depends on your own will; you can't complain any celestial beings; and it is unjustifiable to cry and complain at the gate of Heaven.

The people waiting for the coming of the Buddha and Christ Jesus should think deeply. What kind of Buddha and Jesus do you want to see and to wait? Will you see them by your heart or by your eye? Express by your heart or by your mouth? Listen by your heart or by your ear? And understand by your heart or by words and flesh body?

Anyway, the ship of life has been to the earth, the ship of life has been at your gate.

Oct 4th, 2007

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