Here are some things ( somethings ) to think about.

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Here are some things ( somethings ) to think about.

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If you're angry about something, it's not the something that is causing your anger. Anger is caused by something you don't understand.

To hate something is okay but to try make hate some thing that is not in my mind might cause you to hate me.

Some things you love might not be some things I think about so don't be concerned if I don't love your things.

Some things cause happiness in one mind while the same things can cause anger and even hate in another mind. Your happy smile will prove that to be true.

Some things cause fear in most minds but if you understand all things, then you have nothing to fear at all.

When something is confusing you, it's best to go to something that doesn't confuse you unless you don't mind being confused.

Some things never change but only if you understand the ONE thing that never changes.

If there is something you would like to know and can't find it, then you have to wait until something happens before it's found.

Some of you will think something is wrong with the author of these sayings but don't worry, that something has found itself to be true.

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Re: Here are some things ( somethings ) to think about.

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