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Kundalini is the Primordial Energy said to be located at the base of the spine. Different spiritual traditions teach methods of awakening the kundalini for the purpose of reaching enlightenment or self-realization.

Along the Sushumna are six lotuses, or centers, the lower being known as the Muladhara. Then come successively Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, And Ajna. These are the six centers. The Kundalini lies in the lotus of the Muladhara (at the root of the spinal column). That lotus has four petals. The Primordial Energy resides in all bodies as the Kundalini.

She is looking like a sleeping snake coiled up -of the form of a sleeping snake, having the Muladhara for Her abode. The Kundalini is speedily awakened if one follows the path of Bhakti Yoga( Devotion).

The Kundalini, when awakened, passes through the lower centers and involves the Anahata, which is at the heart. It stays there. At that point, the mind of the aspirant is withdrawn from the three lower centers. When the mind dwells there, one has the first glimpse of spiritual consciousness. One sees light all around. Such a man, perceiving the divine light, becomes speechless with wonder and says: “Ah! What is this? What is this?” His mind does not go downward to the objects of the world.

According to the Vedas, these centers are called ‘Bhumi’, ‘Planes’. There are seven such planes. The center at the heart corresponds to the fourth plane of the Vedas. According to the Tantra there is in this this center a lotus called Anahata, with twelve petals. ... ng-stages/

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