Life is a Dream

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Life is a Dream

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This is what I think, or "know", at this point.

Life is a dream - it has just as much substance.

This doesn't mean life can't hurt you or that there are no rules - but they pertain to the dream, not to Reality.

Reality can never be described. It is completely internal.

The Dream alone is external. It alone has form, color, etc. When you try to control it, it controls you.

The Dream cannot be controlled overtly, but you can "choose to dream a new dream" or "modulate" it somewhat by giving it new in-puts. Thus gradually you can raise your vibrational level. This is important when the Dream starts running amok -- you can in effect return to Sanity.

Lastly, nothing here in this Dream should be taken too seriously. But that doesn't mean we should become irresponsible. We should be responsible insofar as it is suitable in the context of our Dream-life. If it is fitting or appropriate, we should do that -- because even in a Dream we can hurt fellow dreamers, and that's bad.
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

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