Totally Alone, and Absolutely Self-Sufficient....

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Totally Alone, and Absolutely Self-Sufficient....

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A hidden desert warlord God? Or something far greater in conceptual scope?

I think everyone should aim for Allah-hood. For what could there be greater than being completely independent of all needs and wants? Actually, here Islam has much in common with Buddhism - who would've thought? Nirvana is the cessation of all desire and all requirements or conditions of happiness. One is truly, self-content, needing Nothing.

This may seem like a cold and barren conception, but is it? What if all relationships, which we prize so highly, are but externalizations of our own selves, mere carrots goading us to look outward, whereas we have everything right here and now? It is only cold and barren if we care to make that juxtaposition.

Of course, practically we rely on other people. And so, we have to honor those relationships to some extent. But why not honor them with the attitude of "universal love" rather than "special relationships." Then, we can simply love without getting caught in the rigmarole of "falling in love" and undue attachment? That seems much more sane. Alas, not everyone is capable or strong enough to choose to be alone.....

But I for one happen to know that I am strong enough, and should have figured that out years ago. For me, special relationships merely muddy the waters of pure life and Aloneness. Aloneness for me, is alone pure, flawless, a Diamond......


"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

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