It's Starting to Tick Me Off

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It's Starting to Tick Me Off

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Post by Creeds »

On a different forum, someone made a for-fun group called HGSF. Basically, you can fight Halo or something together on Xbox Live, and get a cool signature as a result. Me and a friend made another group, as co-founders, and immediately, my friend, HellHound, began to take charge.

Everything I do, I run by him first. Signatures, rankings I think up... I run it by him. He doesn't return the favor. We discuss making a "recruitment thread", and say that we should just PM people instead. While I'm offline (asleep), he creates a recruitment thread anyway, and doesn't tell me.

This has gone on for about a month. To someone like me, it's incredibly insulting and annoying. But just recently, I got ticked enough to give the whole recruitment thread a piece of my mind.

It was about signature banners. A friend of mine had made one for each ranking, and I loved them. But this other guy kept saying how they weren't bringing in members, and that he could make better. I asked him to incorporate a few of the ideas into his signatures, and then went to go see Harry Potter. (It's quite good, by the way)

When I come back, he's posted signatures for literally everyone, and my request to incorporate the ideas I liked (an idea that he responded to and said that he would) was completely ignored. They all look exactly the same, except for color at the name.

Everyone had changed to this, and I wouldn't have known if I hadn't went straight to the thread. I expressed my irritation at this and, after a while, the creator of the signatures came on and told me that HellHound was the one in charge and he liked them. And proceeded to say that "everything he's done was to make the Creed flourish", etc.

I was angry. And I gave the whole thread a big chunk of my mind.

Is it just me? Is it my personality that makes me so obsessed with this? Or would you react the same way?

I realize that it's just a forum group, but it's the principle of the thing, you know?

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Post by Sir Rhetor »

From personal experience, I know it can be rather difficult to judge people's moods over the internet, especially if you aren't paying that close attention to it. I doubt your friend is even aware of how you feel, so you should tell him what you think. But don't piss him off, because that is also a big mistake.

Another element is that he probably is less detail oriented than you. I work with other people at modding a game called Glest. Since I suck at modeling, I get other people to do it. Even though I have very specific ideas about how things should happen in animations, for example, they don't always turn out that way, but I have to accept it, with a smile ( :D )

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Post by Ark »

Honestly, who cares man? This guy is obviously just another internet troll who thinks that just because he has the internet between him and you, he can act however he wants. Don't fret yourself. Don't waste your time and emotions lol.

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