My neighbor is starving his dog.

What would you do if?

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My neighbor is starving his dog.

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So my neighbor's dog was milling around outside when my neighbor was at work. So I brought her (shepherd mix puppy) to my yard and put a note on my neighbor's door. I could see her spine and there is hair loss around her face (I assume from malnutrition). I fed her a bowl of my dog's food and she gulped it down, didn't even take a moment to chew, she also gulped the water I put down for her. My neighbor said he forgot to feed her before he left for work, obviously, you don't get that skinny from one day of missed meals, he also said she didn't have any illnesses (that he knew of). We offered to buy him a bad of dogfood (he declined) and told him we knew she wasn't being fed regularly. What would you do?

PS She doesn't have worms either, we checked her poop.

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Re: Update.

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suckka wrote:Lulu is doing better than ever. She is being fed and watered daily now. Humane Society came and posted a note on his door, for a few days nothing was done. I sent them a video of Lulu savagely drinking and eating through the fence and demanded action (once I jump, I jump in all the way). Now there is more food outside than she can eat. She has grown so much and licks my hand through the fence when I greet her in the morning. The only drawback is that he never plays with her or brings her in the house, so I talk to her a lot. Thanks to my friends and fellow dog-lovers here, Lulu will be fine.
Great news!

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