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New shoes (software) for the Forum

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Post by Zzyzx »

Our old pair of shoes (software) was worn out (obsolete after 15 years).

During our transition to the new Forum issues will arise, some previous functions will be gone, and new things will be in place.

New shoes typically require some 'breaking in' and new software requires learning new ways of doing things. That can be frustrating; however, let's not let our frustrations make us uncivil toward one another. If it is any comfort to members, the Admin / Moderator Team has much more learning and adjustment required.

One member just earned banishment by making personal attacks and condemning Admin. It would be far more prudent to dispense with emotional tirades and make comments that are both civil and appropriate.

Those who think they can make a better debate site are welcome and encouraged to do so. Let us know how it works out for you.

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