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Moderator process

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To provide some transparency into the moderating team, I'm posting the moderator process:

The responsibility of the moderating team is to enforce the rules. Usually, this is in response to a post that another user has reported. If a post is not reported, generally it will be missed by a moderator and not acted on.

Moderators and admins are not above the rules. They are expected to be civil and respectful at all times.

The moderating team has a private subforum to record and discuss moderator activities. It is also used to vote to place people on probation or to banish.

All moderators are expected to be actively participating in moderating. If a moderator will be out for an extended period of time, he/she should let the team know about it. Occasional unexcused absences from forum moderation is understandable, but the work load needs to be shared among the entire team.

It is expected that responses to private messages from an admin should be timely. A PM will only be sent for urgent requests (like voting for probation/banishment).

Moderators will be on a one year term. At the end of the year, each moderator will be asked if he/she would like to remain on the moderating team. If participation during the past year has not been sufficient, he/she will not be asked to participate for another year. If a moderator joins the team mid-year, the term will last until the end of the year.

Ex-moderators can join the moderating team at any time by request. The only requirement is that he/she should be active as a moderator.

New moderators are added by a nomination/voting process. If a forum member wishes to become a moderator, he/she must have practically little to no report posts against him/her. He/She must demonstrate civility and be able to handle heated debates in a respectful manner.

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