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In today's world, we here the term 'family' tossed around a lot. In the USA, decades ago, a family was typically a married male a female couple, with children.
Then, we saw divorces increase.
Family turned from the above definition, to one that could be one parent, and child(ren); one parent, their parent(s) and child(ren) and the like.
Sometimes, we'd see 'cohabitating' families (where the adults lived together and weren't married).
Then, we saw 'blended families'.
Then, we started to see 'same sex' families; sometimes fringe families would also include multiple, unmarried adults - sometimes with children.
More recently, we've started to see 'born into' families and/vs 'chosen' families.

Throughout these changes, in some countries, laws were enacted/changed to compensate for such family changes (both to promote and prohibit said family group(s)).

For discussion:
Outside of the legal aspect of 'family', what does 'family' mean to you? And why?
Are there any family groups you don't consider 'family' and why?
Have a great, potentially godless, day!

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