The Deism for Christianity - Vis-a-vis Theism, Fideism

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The Deism for Christianity - Vis-a-vis Theism, Fideism

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There is great force in Deism (for Christianity).

Here is:

Deism has the quality of holding the most profound Christian views, such as the views from the "powerlist" of Philosophers, starting with St. Anselm and St. Aquinas.

This isn't the only advantage, while Theism is focused on belief in fundamental Christian sentences, Deism only focuses on the use of God in God-self and how God plays an important role in having a Universe perspective, while still holding onto the central beliefs of 10 Commandments, the 7 Cardinal Virtues and the 7 Cardinal Sins, contributing to the idea of God as PERFECT.

So this is it from me, Deism presented, what do you think?

Fideists can be considered too, although more rare now and nicknamed "Holy Ghostists" by some. :) ;)

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