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Post by JoeyKnothead »


Doin' you some of it.


A mod doin' him some of it in order to get onto you about you havin' done you some of it.


Excusing the mods for doin' the same dang thing they accuse you of doin'!

Combined with the fact that reporting of such was ignored, not acknowledged, dismissed.


That'n there accusing you of something you didn't say!


Coverin' up the lies of the liar that lied on you there in the first place.
Discovery is finding things that exist.
Invention is using things discovered.

Create that path and engineer a metamorphosis.

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Re: Generalizin'

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Post by BwhoUR »

[Replying to post 1 by JoeyKnothead]

Looks like we are both feeling a little ganged up on and outnumbered. :?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, I've heard.

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