Democratization of the Monarchy

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Democratization of the Monarchy

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So while some of you might think the idea rediculas actually it is possible to add a democratic process to the selection of a new King or Queen.


When a new king is choosen currently the crown falls to the first in line, however there are others who also have entitlement to the Crown.

In Engalnd for example

Chrales is First in line
then William
then Harry
And there are others.

Now as a way of democratizing the throne you could, hold a vote cast by the people, to allow the people a say about who they feel is most worthy to hold the throne.

Clearly the people would not all vote for the same person.

And after the vote, there would be revealed, an order 1st to last, of who the people would like to see on the throne.

If the King or Queen holding the throne also had a vote, and the Royal family also.

You end up with a voting system that shows more or less who the person most desired to take the Crown is.

There are certain ways this can be calculated. in a points system for example

Most votes from the people 1 point with increasing numbers the less votes recieved

Then points allocated by the standing Monarch 1 point for most desired, increasing as the Moarch chooses the order they feel is correct.

Point from the Royal family following the same theme the votes of the people.

Other groups could also be considered in the process.

Under the voting system suggested the Prince or Princess with 3 points, would be given the Throne.

Maybe to a degree a peoples vote harks back to older times when Kings and Queens truly were Men and Women of the people.

I mean if there was to be a public vote those envolved would have to have some public engagement, and a presentation for that end.

So it certainly is possible, to bring a democratic process into the selection of a new king or Queen.

Ofcourse I believe that Kings should stand down before their time, and become guilds and councilors for the new Monarch.

Again an older tradition of Monarchy, but one which promotes more stability, as when a King dies while in power, leaving the throne to an inexperienced Prince or Princess, many issue can arise.

And truly it could be possible that the last king or Queen and current king or Queen are both still alive, when a new Price or princess is to be choosen- in which case, another vote would be added to the process.
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