Communitalism, a concept of a better entitlement.

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Communitalism, a concept of a better entitlement.

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Now first we should discuss what I mean by entitlement.

Well what is it that allows a person in a capitalist society to be at the top?

Answer is money, wealth, the people with the most capital are entitled to live as they choose to, they less capital you have the less you are allowed- so capital entitles people in capitalism.

For those super rich, that will always be so, they are entitled to sit down and do nothing, those with nothing have to work, to get capital so they too maybe one day can also sit down and do nothing, this we call 'retirement'.

You work to retire- if you get enought money to do so. Capitalism.

Now the concept of communitalism, is that what entitles people to be highier up in society, is their contribution to society, and to their community, as a politician people do contribute they are public servants, a king or Queen governs over the society and does things for the country, looking at it closer to home, family comes first, then the village or town, then the region, then the state or county, then the country. and it's contributions towards that so contributions to the family, to the village to the society, charity work, the job you do, being a good father, these thing are what entitles a person to greater status in a communitalist society.

A policeman dose a good service to their community, so natuarally should hold a good place, as do bin men, so it's a system that promotes helping and charity, and work for the community, overall, and by a persons efforts will they rise, a meritocracy of service to others and the community and society in general.

If someone does not wish to make an effort, then they can, but people that are not prepared to help or work, will naturally take a lower place in the system.

Ofcourse communitalism does require that people init care about their family, their society, their country- if they do not care then they will not be bothered. So naturally those that care rise in this system. and those that do not fall.

Communitalism- starts with the family and ends with the world.
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