Free Quality Market. FQM

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Free Quality Market. FQM

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I am still working on ideas relating to a multi market, which combines the many possible markets that there are, but for those interested below is the Quality market:-

A quality Market is a market where quality not price is the governing force(for want of a better expression)

Government owned companies, which are run just the same as normal companies, ergo government gives no money to them other than start up cost, and profits go back to government, should they fail they fail and all workers loose their job- hopefully that wouldnt happen, but would give an incentive for them to actually work and not sponge off the people, and also should it happen to fail another company with new employees would be started; as they are needed for that market to function- So a new company with different employees would take over, the old company should it fail.

These companies set the minimum standards. So if we had a tomarto soup company, this company would set the minimum standard for soup. It would be the cheapest soup available, and of the lowest standard availble.

Private companies would compete in terms of quality, hence quality market, should a private companies standards fall below that of a government run company, they would be fined and forced to improve.

The money generated by these companies would go to government, and so reduce taxation on the private companies as well as tax payer- money itself could also be used for NHS and ofcourse to reinberse initial payment of goverment in setting it up.

Basically this is the foundational idea behind Quality markets. The government companies are not in comperticion with the private rather they setting the minimum standards expected from all companies in which ever area they are active, they keep and maintain the minimum regulation standards, and provide the lowest quality possible within that framework; Naturally private companies should seek to provide the highest quality products and so you would expect that they would never make a product at the standards the government ones will.

Prices will have a fixed bottom level set by the government companies, which will work to make thier products as cheaply as possible, hence the government company price should be very low(with it product being at a exceptable yet low level in terms of quality), and private company prices will reflect the quality of their product- here again companies will compete in terms of quality, prices will vary but only go up and not down below the government companies standard price, as the government companies will seek to make their product as cheeply as possible, therefore making it impossible for a private company to under cut- hence if a private company tried to, or manged to- questions would be raised as to how they achieved it- and if done in a satisfactory manner government companys would copy and reduce price also.

Government constructed and pubically owned- and not for profit- Corporations.

These would act to provide goods and services at the cheepest levels possible, because they would sell at cost.

All workers, the bourd, any companies involved in trading with the NFP-corporation would all be earning in the normal capitalist way.

The consumers, of the goods/services provided get said goods/services at cost.
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