Define "God"

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Define "God"

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Post by DTho »

In a single sentence (if possible), please provide your definition of the word/term/concept: "God."

For example, "A fictitious human construct," or "A being than which no greater being can be conceived," or "An egomaniacal creature capable of incomprehensible violence," or "Pure Love," or what-have-you.

(Please try to come up with your own definition rather than using one of my examples; thanks).

Again, the question asks for a definition only; not a definition and following tirade . . .


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Post by WelshBoy »

God = Self-Existing Creator of all.
What do you mean by self-existing?
To the believer, no proof is necessary; to the skeptic, no proof is enough.

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Post by Cathar1950 »

I am still reading and just started page two.
Looks interesting so far.

You can't help but notice God or god is defined in some many ways and so subjective unless you’re a member of some group that has an objective definition of god.
It seems God sometimes is defined by his/her attributes or negative attributes of things that exist.

The Jewish tradition almost gives up naming God and their tradition has Moses asking for his name. He responds with “I will be that which I will be” or some times translated “I am”. He did say he was El the Most High to the forefathers of Moses. So Sat he will be present where he is present and absent when he is absent.

I remember teaching a religion class decades ago where I was trying to find a working definition, as some of my students were atheists or agnostics.
I think we used one that I had come across “That which is of utmost concern”. I don’t remember the source.
I like the one where God is compared to a baseball glove. God extends our reach wit a little padding to soften the blow when you didn’t need to reach that far or failed to use the netting.
Whitehead said that we gave the worse attributes of Cesar to God.
Americans for a large part just think of Jesus and even when he or she looks in the OT they see Jesus is every verse, dinner and wrestling match. If we took every idea into account we would mostly be atheist including the Christians.
Plato leaves me cold and does seem to be just defining God into existence. I find the views of YHWH and Jesus perplexing as they are varied. But I will keep reading and see if I can even imagine what I am trying to define.

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Post by Hugh »

God - is a psychological being to everyone, where to seek refuge in time of crisis and something to cling-on, a shelter of emotion when everything are down the limbo and desperation. God exist within the inner self of everyone and always within reach in time of needs to sustain emotional pain and depression and at this particular mode, God will surely prop-up and boost well being to overcome oddities and will cause to tackle everything with full strength and inspiration. :roll:

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Post by Hugh »

In short ... God is Energy

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Post by Furrowed Brow »

Hugh wrote:In short ... God is Energy
Ah so God = MC^2.

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Post by McCulloch »

Hugh wrote:In short ... God is Energy
Energy is mindless. Energy can be channeled and controlled. Energy can be measured. Energy can be turned into matter and matter into energy.

In short, unless you redefine God, you're wrong.
Examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good.
First Epistle to the Church of the Thessalonians
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Post by Hugh »

When a person was born ... he/she has no God. Only as he/she grows ... indoctrination go hand in hand with the ages ... program to God whatever religion dictates fitted with anathema... until God concept shall be figured on the mind.
The reality is ... God was created by our ancestors (hunter-gatherers) when they reached the instinct of governance ... laid rules to lead and concepted God based on myth, dreams and visions to provide authority for the regulations... then dogma just evolved with time.


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god = an entity which continues unabated unless opposed

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Post by Logomachist »

I believe a diety is an immortal entity which sets itself in motion, and continues unabated unless opposed by a stronger force.

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Re: Define "God"

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Post by defined »

I've found a great gathering of definitions of god from various viewpoints and religions at

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Post by elena »

He who is - Being.
There never was anything so perilous or exciting as orthodoxy. It was sanity and to be sane is more dramatic than to be mad ~ G.K. Chesterton
Does not the decision for right behavior presuppose a right thinking, does it not thereby itself refer to the necessity of a search for an orthodoxy? ~ Pope Benedict XVI

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