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What is your interpretation of Christs words in the gospels of Luke and Mathew when he says "This is an evil generation, it demands a sign, and no sign will be given, other than the sign of Jonah". Is the meaning of Jonah expressed in the Hebrew word, which means dove, the sign of the Holy Spirit?

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Sorry, didn't read the question properly.

Society and its morals evolve and will continue to evolve. The bible however remains the same and just requires more and more apologetics and claims of "metaphors" and "symbolism" to justify it.

Prayer is like rubbing an old bottle and hoping that a genie will pop out and grant you three wishes.

There is much about this world that is mind boggling and impressive, but I see no need whatsoever to put it down to magical super powered beings.

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No I think that's a bit of a stretch. Jesus was referring to his death and resurrection, I can't see that there would be a direct link to the meaning of Jonah's name.

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