Bullying In Schools

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Bullying In Schools

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I'm sure we've all faced some type of bullying in schools, whether it be verbal, technological or physical. I've faced my fair share of being bullyied, have seen others being bullyied, and have done some of the bullying myself (sad to say). In America, alot of kids have been committing suicide as a result of bullying.

---Just as a personal comment, I'd say that verbal bullying is the most effective and destructive force out there. Having only graduated high school a few years ago, I remember one kid in-particular who was targeted because he had a speech impediment. Very sad what some of the kids did to him, from verbal abuse to messing with his stuff and so on. Personally, I really can't think of anything that can be done to fix this problem. Telling an adult or teacher really only hurts the problem, so I've heard that the only real solution is homeschooling or online schooling the kid being bullied in order to remove him from the situation., which is extremely unfair.

Going aganist my conservative philosophy, I would be in favor of schools teaching some type of "sensitivity" classe of some sort that would discourage bullying and help teach kids to be more kind.---

1) What can be done to prevent this?

2) What is your take on this issue?

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I suggest putting cameras in every part of the school a student can go to. The cameras that are in the bathroom can be angled in a way that it won't see in the stalls. This protects the privacy of the student and prevents someone from pulling a victim into a blind spot. The school police can watch the monitors and soon as something happens be ready to respond.

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I remember being bullied (a bit) at school for being religious. This was a Catholic school mind you. Everyone was trying so hard not to be Catholic that the only ones actually interested in what the Catholic Church had to say were bullied (not a lot, but it did happen).

To be honest I think if the problem was first that people stop saying to 'tell a teacher' then we can begin working at it another way. I think the kid being bullied should be told to start going to a gym, or doing boxing. Nothing stops bullying faster than the kid suddenly becoming huge.

In an ideal world I think the teachers should be taught to spot it happening rather than the kids having to run and tell. That way the kid can rest easy with out everyone thinking they are a snitch.
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Post by playhavock »

I think the soultion is multi teired - first - teach tolarance and respect. Teach ethics and how to make choices. Teach that there is no such thing as "normal" but show the bellcurve of human behavor, and explain that "normal" is non-real. DO NOT SEGERATE SPECAL NEEDS. This happens , far - far too offen, how in the world can kids learn to be around people with disablitys or specal needs if they are not - you know, around them? I'm not saying that every class should be held together, I'm saying that you do not seperate kids merly for this reasion - Clay Akens (from american idel/celebeary apprentice) had a charity that got kids to be able to play together regardless of specal needs - this is a good thing - play togeter and enteratiment and even education should all be done as much as possible - together. So the kids can get used to each other. Now, the parents nead to take simualar classes so they dont screw up what the schools are doing - perhaps we nead to rethink how parenting should work totaly ... but - I dont see that happening, unforantly.
A second teir would be a zero tolarance on bullying aproch - anyone that does it on the bus , playground, classroom, whatever - is seperated. They still have to take class, still are expected to do tests. (or recive bad grades etc) but they are now seperated from EVERYONE. Typicaly - bullying is done for attention - getiting negitive attention is easy. No one "knows what to do" because they cant just wack the kids around - although such mesures do not help anything (negtive feedback has never worked - postitve works everytime!) but you remove the desire - by teaching its oppsite and employing it and encoraging it - you remove diferances by intrergating everyone with common activitys and play and enterantment and THEATER. Man, I can not stress how inproant this simple aspect is that is tottaly missed on meny schools - the theater can give kids a chance to shine, to break out of being shy, to tell a story, to see a story - to learn things - ethics, morals, values, chocies, life , death - sex. YES SEX. We nead to educate - and not be afrid of knowalge anymore , no more taboo, no more secrets no more "keep them innocent" bull-nonsence. The more knowalge you have , the more empored you are - teach them to make choices - not to follow orders blidly.

But - our education system, and our socity in general , is broken - beound repar? Possibly. Start anew? Too hard - too costly - and other execuses that do not fly with me. I'm just one voice, I can see things need to change, but - what can I do to help make it change? This, I do not know.

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