Should people have a legal right to carry guns?

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Should people have a legal right to carry guns?

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We live in a society that tells us we are supposed to rely on the police in a dangerous situation. However, by the time a person can call the police, depending on the serverity of the situation, it's too late or there wasn't an opportunity. If the victim was even successful in making such a call the time it takes for them to arrive on the scene could be unsatisfactory. And what about the people who are likely to suffer from police brutality, shouldn't people be able to protect themselves against those who are suppose to be their protectors? And if such a thing was to happen my secondary question would be shouldn't people have a legal right to wear appropriate gear against guns(vests, etc)

Personally, I feel that I should have this legal freedom to protect myself against any possible unexpected situation where my life could be in danger. Because I know that I am not going to use this freedom to be one of the people looking to hurt other in an easier way.

I'm having mixed thoughts about whether or not I would actually want this to pass as a legal freedom for everyone, though I feel I should have it. And here's why:

Positive:People who plan to obey the laws of their land for whatever reason and live a productive, legitimate life are better equipped to protect themselves against anyone who threatens their desire to enjoying a happy, safe, prosperous life.

Negative:People who wish to hurt others for whatever reason in whatever way now have a easier way of doing that. Especially since they could walk by police and not have to worry about getting arrested for the posesion of weapons anymore.

How do we make the world into a safer place if people are not better prepared to protect themselves? The only scenario that I could imagine of attempting such a goal without enabling my above statements is (and alot of people won't like this) if we removed all traces of privacy by enabling cameras everywhere(or almost everywhere) imaginable, and designed it so that equipment is placed everywhere to detect illegalized weapons on any person. But then, again, we'd have to further rely on those who are supposed to be the ones protecting us and be made vulnerable to them. And when it's all said and done who would actually observe the observers of the observers and so on to keep them in check?

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Post by Nickman »

otseng wrote:
Nickman wrote: I agree with you. I do think that if everyone realized the benefit of the change then it could happen. This is very unlikely. Until then school shootings and the like will continue to happen all the time as they do now.
I started a thread to discuss this: Dealing with mass shootings
Sweet, ill contribute. Let me look at the OP.

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Okay. Well it seems that while I was away things have gone crazy due to the unfortunate and extremely profane shooting in Connecticut.
I am not sure where exactly I stand on all of this right now. I do know that I am still collecting my thoughts and trying to sort through the plethora of emotions flooding within me. I am trying to see through the feelings and do my best to look at this clear headed.

I see far too many people involved in discussion with too much invested bias and not enough logical analysis, consideration for American law and the effect that their stance would have.

If we ban all guns, what will that produce? Will we have issues like we had during prohibition? Will as some suggest, there only be guns in the hands of criminals and cops? Will we, the common citizen, be left unable to protect ourselves?

If we allow guns to remain as they are or even relax the regulations, will we see an increase in crime or a decrease? Will more guns end up in the wrong hands like in the infamous “Fast and Furious� debacle?

What if we allow students in college to carry? Or professors? What about principles at K-12? Where is the line to be drawn?

Is the 2nd Amendment fine the way it is? If not how does the 2nd Amendment need to be amended? What changes should be made?

There are so many questions and emotional response that is whipped out emblazoned with defensive rage or biased hatred towards weapons will do no good for anyone. We need to practice what we preach and look into this with sound logical expectations of finding something that will not be a quick fix or need to be undone later, but instead will provide the utmost security for our citizens here in the U.S. and to those abroad who visit our shores. We need to think objectively and clearly. We need to make a sound decision as there is no doubt that change has to be made.

For all that may question my stance. I own several guns (some are merely family heirlooms), I have a CCW not for personal carry but for the ability to carry in my truck at work. I do not hunt currently but I plan on beginning next year. I do not compete.

This is why I am torn right now and cannot submit a good answer to the questions that bouncing around. I instead hope that my words will in and of themselves perhaps offer a chance for some of us to step back and think more clearly and honestly.

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