Leading or Opposing, which is more Effective?

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Which is more effective?

Positive leadership and encouragement
Protest against opposition
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Doing both is most effective
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Leading or Opposing, which is more Effective?

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Questions for Putting Our Heads Together:

Which is more effective?:

1. Creating a movement that positively leads to, and supports, the desired result.


2. Creating a movement that opposes and/or protests against things that appear to be blocking a desired result.


Also, Is it even possible to accomplish #1 without necessarily appealing to, or employing #2?

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Post by Kuan »

I voted 1, for one reason. Its obvious the most effective way would be to do both. But if I had to choose one, the most effective IMO is number 1. An optimist is better than a pessimist.

But is it possible to do one without the other?

The world may never know....
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Some of the most successful movements have employed either or both. I dont know if either is objectively better, but it may all depend on context.

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