Argument for God

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Argument for God

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Post by olavisjo »

Can you make a better argument for God than this?

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"I believe in no religion. There is absolutely no proof for any of them, and from a philosophical standpoint Christianity is not even the best. All religions, that is, all mythologies to give them their proper name, are merely man’s own invention..."

C.S. Lewis


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Post by keithprosser3 »

As the leader of a world-wide Evangelical Church I am often asked to prove God exists. My proof is that I pay myself a 7 digit salary and have an 8 digit bank account, a beauty queen wife and a mistress in eight of my luxury homes around the world. In the ninth is a rather nice boy called Juan.

All this I owe to God, but does it prove God? Is it a gift from God? Oh, no. it is no gift. It is test from God to see if my love for Him - which I have for through His son and my savior Jesus Christ - can abide despite the temptation of wealth and temptation of the flesh it brings.

It is my holy and terrible burden to continually prove that my love for the Lord will survive not only the wealth I have, but the even greater wealth I will have tomorrow. For the Lord sake I make money and tempt my flesh, because I love the Lord with all my heart and I must always show my love for Him will remain steadfast no matter how much money it makes me.

How I envy the poor who do not face the terrible temptation the Lord has visited on me! I am humble before the Lord. There is no doubt in my mind that God loves the poor more than He loves me, even though his love for me is infinite.

No. He does not want to tempt the poor as he so cruelly tempts me every moment. Thus it is that I must - out of my love for the Lord - take the poor's small monies unto myself.

God just doesn't want the poor to suffer the same as I do. That is - sob - how loving God is, friends. I think we should give God a big hand at this time. <to engineer - insert whoops and applause here>

Can all this be if there is no God, a loving God?

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