OPEC and Finances of the World - World Justice

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OPEC and Finances of the World - World Justice

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OPEC, in the wake of New Crust Formation Theory and "holding prices steady by production data and consumption only"-strategy, is inviting to the GRAND World economics recipé talks, on how the World can come together, "in the UN spirits", to agree on a just arrangement for all (at least so far that "stretches" by the nations as parties making the agreement, suggesting long talks).

A Suggestion for OPEC's Future
- Turn the agenda toward "a national profit basis" that distributes for all member states (194?) and that new democratic ideals for all the needs of these nations are cared for, investment-wise, development-wise, all other... (water, sanitation, food, etc.)... please!

This can be done while also coming together to agree on a key for preserving the traditional respects/honours inside this "profit-key-solution" so that leadership sanity is preserved or made easier throughout the World.

I must insist also, that combatting Overpopulation at the same time by voting for "1 kid or 2 kids" family policies, is the most wise!

There must be no doubt, to conclude, that OPEC's future can't be placed in doubt! It is serving ALL people now, also by international law in terms of plausibility, and should continue to do so "forever", with the appropriate celebration to go, as much as ending slavery back in former-colony-USA, by the civil war then.

OPEC should also have a fine angle in getting organised under UN, United Nations organisation.

The tags may well include too: ecology, development, "generic" industries, progress, UN, broad acceptance.

Exploration data potential, Europe, "fMRI to radiological, geological surveys:
Germany reports that it has NOT performed the radiological surveys, geologically speaking down to at least 5 km, of its land and sea territory!
France reports the same.
Spain, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland too!
(Plus many other countries.)
I'm cool! :) - Stronger Religion every day! Also by "mathematical Religion", the eternal forms, God closing the door on corrupt humanity, possibly!

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