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Convincing McCulloch

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Post by McCulloch »

Without presuming that the New Testament is true, can Jesus Christ be shown to be the Son of God?
  • The affirmative side (that answers yes to the question for debate), begins in a single post outlines his argument.
  • Following that, the negative side, outlines in a single post, his argument.
  • Then each side, in a single post, posts a refutation of the arguments made by the opposing side. The second posting in the debate, may not include any new arguments, but must only address the flaws in the evidence, logic or reasoning of the other side of the debate.
  • Each debater is then allowed one more post, to answer the criticisms leveled at him during the refutation. As in the previous post, no new arguments may be introduced here.
  • The debate is over. A grand total of six posts, plus the OP.
An open discussion for comments on this debate is open here.
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Post by meshak »

This is my focal point of my position: Striving to be obedient to Jesus' teachings and commandments is the most important thing in Christian faith, and this is not popular in mainstream church community.

We will be powerful witness to the world if we strive to be faithful to Jesus in all aspect of our lives.